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Sandables: Project Results


In this phase, we are asking you to come up with the product tagline for the packaging of the Sandpaper Sticks. This is a SUPER important aspect of our brand image, and is very visible at retail.

It needs to embody everything that Quirky stands for as a brand, be eye-catching and ‘sticky’. It has to draw people in while also describing the product solution.

Some of our taglines directly describe the product’s functionality in an irreverent way that is borderline snarky, such as Mugstir’s ‘Spoon That Hangs On Your Mug’ or Cordies’ ‘Keep Your Cables On The Table’. Some of our taglines are super short and punchy: Space Bar’s ‘More Space. More Ports’. Some are somewhat abstract but employ literary devices such as rhythm and alliteration: Broom Groomer’s ‘Bye Bye Bunnies’. Some play on/rip off somewhat famous lines, sayings, phrases etc, like Mantis’ ‘Let There Be Light’.

This product did not require a CMF phase, as it follows the standard method for color coding sandpaper. We’ve included some drawings in this phase below instead so you can get a better idea of what it will look like.

Three different grips of sandpaper blocks will be packaged together in a tray. After placing them in the microwave, you can mold the block to form and fit the shape of object you are sanding.

One last thing: we reserve the right to NOT pick a tagline if it does not make the cut.

Anyway, you get the idea… go to it!

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