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Snow shovel + brush


Would you rather the tip of the shovel be made out of metal, in order to dig quickly into ice or heavy snow, or would you want the tip of the shovel to be made out of silicone, so that you can use it against your car without the possibility of scratching it?
What’s more important a compact shovel or a larger more industrial version?
Would you be willing to pay extra if the flashlight were removable from the body of the shovel?
Would it be more beneficial for you if the flashlight were clipped right below the handlebar facing downward towards the snow or nested into the handle bar?
Would you prefer the grip of the handle featured in the video or the following one?
Do you think that this product should extend as far as Thor does?
Would the product be easily manageable when the user was wearing gloves and they had to push in the pin in order to extend the handle?
Would you rather have a twisting feature, like Thor, to engage the mechanism in order to extend the product or would you want a push-pin mechanism?
Which of the following shovel heads would you prefer?

Engineering Research Phase

As we continue along in the development process of Kwame Appiahene-Agyei’s Vehicle Cleaning Tool, Laura Sink and Jeff Groves of the Engineering team want to collaborate with the community in order to figure out some functional aspects of the design. Please watch the following video and then answer the questions below.

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How Research Works

As with any good project, research is the starting point for realizing a great idea. During this stage of development, we are interested in discovering consumer preferences, potential use cases, and design directions for a new product. We will ask you questions straight from our design staff or the inventors themselves.

Of course, we don't expect you to share your knowledge for free: By sharing your insights with us you'll earn yourself some influence! All participants split 5% amongst themselves. The more questions you complete, the more influence you will earn!