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Weekend games in the sunshine sound like smooth sailing to us. Picture bocce ball, lawn darts, and fun in the sun. Now, look UP. StrataChute is a strategy game where you launch balls into the air to parachute down towards a target. The game comes with six parachute balls, a launcher and a target mat. The balls come in two colors, so you can play in teams, or go head to head in a one on one tournament. Whoever’s parachute ball lands closest to the target gets the most points. But don’t start thinking it’s as simple as ‘chute and score: You have to think about wind direction, launch height and fall angles. This is a game of skill for any would-be paratrooper. We’re sure you’ll be hooked by the time summer’s over... but that’s ok, you can play StrataChute inside too... just watch out for that ceiling fan!

- 6 parachute balls (3 for team A and 3 for team B)
- Pop up target mat collapses for smaller storage
- Launcher
- Balls come with built-in parachutes inside
- Ball splits open and triggers parachute once the ball slows from gravity
- Endless hours of fun
- Great for parties and small groups

- Nylon
- Plastic
- Rubber


Target Mat:
5' diameter

Parachute balls:
- 140mm x 80 mm x 80 mm (length x height x width)
- 508mm hexagon (parachute)

- 140mm x 22mm x 54mm (height x width x length)

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.