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It’s happened to you: You’re at the supermarket, and you realize you forgot your grocery list at home. You try to jog your memory to see what was on the list: Was it tomatoes... or potatoes? Was it lamb, ham, jam or SPAM? Worry about such issues no longer, because with Insider, our latest product with our friends at GE, you and your fridge are now BFFs. Think of this as SnapChat for the non-tween set: Every time you open your fridge, Insider snaps a photo, revealing the most up-to-date contents. It then transmits this photo to your mobile device, so you can access it instantly with your Wink app. In just two taps you’ll know that you need more mustard, but you’re okay on the custard.

Software is king with this product. Imagine Insider recognizing that you're low on milk and reordering it from your Fresh Direct account. Or tracking if you're eating well or cheating your idea. Insider's got your back!

- Senses when your fridge door is opened
- Wide view image to capture all those goodies in your fridge
- Anti-fog lens prevents condensation when changing environments
- HD Camera

- Plastic

80mm L x 75mm W x 150mm H

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.