Zen Cosmetics

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Creative Director's Notes

Pen Zen has gotten a great response from both consumers and retail buyers. We now have the opportunity to move forward with the same great product but applicable to cosmetics.

We would like you to come up with a name that includes "zen" in order to stay true to the original invention. Here are some pictures so that you can better understand what the product is and does:

Note: The total project influence is 3%.

How naming Works

Every product needs branding, and who better to pick it than the folks who helped design it? Submit up to 3 of your own names or taglines for consideration and you will earn 3% influence if one is picked. Make sure to read the Creative Director's notes to get a clear sense for what we are looking for and how you should be thinking about your submissions.

You can help us pick a name or tagline as well. Compare two concepts side by side and choose the one you think best fits the product.

Complete 20 sets and you will split 2% influence with other participants in the project. Feel free to keep comparing after completing your first 20.

After the project closes, we go through the top ranked submissions and pick the one that best fits the design aesthetic of the final product. The winning name or tagline will appear on the product's packaging and on any promotional or press material associated with it.

Bear in mind that from time to time, nearly identical names or taglines will pop up. In instances where multiple community members propose identical concepts, we'll choose the name or tagline that was submitted first.