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Converge Converge 4-port USB charging station $69.99 by Jin Chai

4-port USB charging station

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Space Bar Space Bar Monitor stand + 6-port USB hub $99.99 by Michael Cavada

Monitor stand + 6-port USB hub

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Pivot Power Pivot Power Flexible surge protector $29.99 by Jake Zien

Flexible surge protector

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Spotter Spotter Multipurpose sensor $49.99 by Denny2020

Multipurpose sensor

Multipurpose Sensors

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Cordies Cordies Desktop cord manager $4.99 by Stephen Stewart

Desktop cord manager

Cordies is a desktop cable management system that organizes your various computer cables while also keeping them weighted down. Designed by the Quirky community.

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Porter Porter BBQ prep containers + serving dish $29.99 by Christine Torpey

BBQ prep containers + serving dish

Porter is a multi-purpose BBQ tray that eliminates extra trips between your kitchen and grill. Containers with lids keep raw food safely separated, while a serving platter and condiment caddy hold everything a grill chef needs at hand.

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Refuel Refuel Smart propane tank gauge $49.99 by anthony reddington

Smart propane tank gauge

App Enabled Propane Tank

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Shake - Women's Tote Shake - Women's Tote Mesh-bottom beach bag $39.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh-bottom beach bag

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Pivot Power Genius Pivot Power Genius Smart flexible power strip $59.99 by Jake Zien

Smart, flexible power strip

Pivot Power Genius is Quirky’s new adjustable power strip with two outlets that you can control from your mobile device.

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Port Power Port Power Wrap-around extension cord $9.99 by Marque Zagg

Extend Your Reach

Port Power, jolly little extension cords with built-in cable management. Port Power comes in two forms —one with a single outlet and one with two— but both feature spools that allow users to wrap up excess cord, keeping their space neat and organized. A

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Vine Stop Vine Stop Stabilizing wine bottle stoppers $7.99 by MarcR

Stabilizing wine bottle stoppers

Vine Stop is a combination Vine and wine stopper

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Nimbus Nimbus Smart dashboard + clock $99.99 by Ryan Pendleton

Smart dashboard + clock

Pulls calendar weather and traffic information from your smart phone

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PowerCurl PowerCurl MacBook® power cord wrap $9.99 by Jeff Scholen

MacBook® power cord wrap

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Mercado Mercado Multi-compartment farmers market tote $24.99 by Peter A. Wachtel

Multi-compartment farmers market tote

Mercado is the ultimate farmer's market bag, with pockets to protect delicate fruits and veggies, loops to hold bottles in place, and compartments to keep everything organized. A wide adjustable strap lets you choose the right length for carrying, so that

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Pivot Power Jr. Pivot Power Jr. Flexible power strip $19.99 by Jake Zien

Flexible power strip

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Stem Stem Citrus spritzer $3.99 by Tim Houle

Citrus spritzer

Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. No longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to get the juice out like a common cook. With only one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly.

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Pickup Power Pickup Power Portable battery + surge protector $99.99 by Denyveaus Sells

Portable battery + surge protector

Pickup Power is a tabletop power strip that houses stationary, portable, and USB power in single beautifully designed unit. It includes everything you need to keep your devices juiced and ready for use: from three AC outlets and three USB outlets, to a po

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Ventu Ventu Colander + serving bowl $39.99 by andrea zabinski

Colander + serving bowl

Prep, strain, serve, and store, all in one elegant solution. That’s Ventu, a serving bowl that also allows you to strain excess moisture from fruit, salads, pasta, and more.

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Grill Wrangler Grill Wrangler Multifunction BBQ tool $29.99 by Peter A. Wachtel

Multifunction BBQ tool

You may consider yourself a lone ranger, but even the grittiest souls need a BBQ sidekick. Grill Wrangler gives you all the functionality of a high-performance spatula, fork, and tongs. Whether you're flipping burgers, gripping chicken legs, or spearing h

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Pivot Power Pop Pivot Power Pop Flexible power strip $19.99 by Jake Zien

Flexible power strip

Quirky, socially developed product, Pivot Power Pop, Flexible Power Strip, Flexible Power Strip

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Zen Cosmetics Zen Cosmetics Makeup organizer $14.99 by E. van de Bospoort

The art of organization

Pen Zen for Cosmetics

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PowerCurl Mini PowerCurl Mini Cord wrap for your charger $4.99 by Jeff Scholen

Cord wrap for your charger

Cable Spool

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Align Align Stapler with detachable base $9.99 by Kenneth Rubi

Stapler with detachable base

Align's detachable base enables a user to staple materials of any size, from posters to sheets of cardboard. Simply separate the magnetic base and place it under the material you're stapling. Magnets keep Align's two halves aligned, so you have the freedo

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Mocubo Mocubo Cutting board with prep storage $39.99 by Justin Giannone

Cutting board with prep storage

Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three slide-out food prep containers.

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Stem Metal & CitriTwist Stem Metal & CitriTwist Citrus spritzer and reamer gift set $19.99 by Tim Houle

Citrus spritzer and reamer set

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Porkfolio Porkfolio Smart piggy bank $49.99 by Jason Hunter

Smart piggy bank

Porkfolio is an app-enabled piggy bank that loads a full financial institution into one lovable package

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Metal Cordies Metal Cordies Desktop cord manager $9.99 by Stephen Stewart

Desktop cord manager

It’s no surprise that Cordies is beautiful. People love displaying it on their desks! So we took it one step further and made a high-end version that matches the modern aesthetic. Metal Cordies is made of sleek metal with black accents.

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Verseur Metal + Levier Verseur Metal + Levier 4-in-1 wine opener and magnetic bottle opener set $29.99 by angelo cacchione

4-in-1 wine opener and magnetic bottle opener set

Verseur Metal is an upgraded version of our classic wine lover’s multitool that combines everything you need to open, serve, and save your favorite wines. It's combined with Levier, your beer's new BFF. It's a bottle opener that traps caps so they don't f

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Pluck Pluck Egg separator $4.99 by Mark Fusco

Egg separator

Pluck is an egg yolk extractor, simply place over an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. To dispose of its contents, just give Pluck another squeeze and move onto the next egg. When finished, se

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Branch Branch 12 shower rings, 3 with hooks $9.99 by MarcR

12 shower rings, 3 with hooks

Branch is a set of overachieving shower curtain rings, with a series of integrated hooks to ensure that storage is always close at hand. The hooks are featured on 3 of Branch's 12 rings, and can be used both inside and outside the shower, providing a

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Pod Power Pod Power 9-ft. extension cord + 3 outlets $19.99 by Kate Vallon

9-ft. extension cord + 3 outlets

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Vessel Vessel Portable shower station $19.99 by Imants Č

Portable shower station

Vessel is a portable tote that brings a fully-stocked bathroom with you wherever you go. Vessel can be attached to any tile wall with suction cups, and the handle can be clipped to a shower head for additional support. The interior unzips to reveal three

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Pen Zen Pen Zen Desk organizer $12.99 by E. van de Bospoort

Desk organizer

Pen Zen is a snazzy storage unit for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other office supplies. This deskmate's friendly form and functional supply-holders make it easy to master the art of organization. Rubber extrusions that act as magic fingers to keep yo

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Switch Switch 12-piece customizable pocket knife $69.99 by James Robinson

12-piece customizable pocket knife

Switch is the ultimate modular pocket knife. It comes with 12 easily interchangeable attachments that perform 16 distinct functions and can be mixed, matched, and customized to suit your particular MacGyvering skillset.

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Wrapster Wrapster Earbud cord wrap $1.99 by Matthew Fleming

Earbud cord wrap

With Quirky's Wrapster, you can say good-bye to tangled earbud headphones -- we've created the ultimate cord management solution! Designed by the Quirky community.

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Cyclone Cyclone Spiral hot dog slicer $4.99 by Zoli Honig

Spiral hot dog slicer

This clever tool slices any sausage into a perfect spiral, allowing for speedier, more even cooking; deliciously crispy bites; and a better hold for toppings. Cyclone comes in a pack of two, including one large and one small slicer. The small one is perfe

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Shake - Men's Tote Shake - Men's Tote Mesh-bottom beach bag $49.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh-bottom beach bag

Shake totes are designed to keep your items in and the sand far away. The bags feature a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake, shake, shake.

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Quirky Gift Cards Quirky Gift Cards $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or $250 value $10.00

$10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or $250 value

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Drift Drift Balance board $129.99 by Michael Pearson

Balance board

Drift, a balance board that accurately simulates a variety of action sports, without sacrificing the whimsy that makes balance boards so addictive. Drift's unique mechanism combines a rubber sphere and rolling pendulum to generate more complex movement, a

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