Pizza wheel with crust-cutting blades

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It's cutting edge

Slice is the smoothest pizza cutter on the butcher block. Its soft, contoured design fits in the palm of your hand, leveraging body weight for easy rolling. Slice right through the pie then use crust-cutting blades to crack right through the crust on either side. It's so sharp, there's no need for double takes.

It's cutting edge
It's cutting edge

Crusts beware!

Even the crunchiest crusts are no match for the dual crust-cutting blades on Slice's pizza wheel.

Rockin' rolling

Its ergonomic design eases strain on hands and wrists, while its soft grip allows for a sturdier roll.

It's cutting edge
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Like all Quirky products, Slice was invented and influenced by real people like you. Gregg Huberty's son gave him a book one year at Christmas so his father could scribble down his new ideas in a flurry. This book is where Slice (and Brim!) got its start. With three boys, dinner was often pizza—something the whole family could agree on. But Gregg's slicer wasn't cutting it. He brainstormed in his book, submitted it to Quirky, and has been happily slicing since.

1214 influencers helped bring Slice to life.

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Stainless steel, food-safe plastic Dishwasher safe


Development duration: about 1 month
Time in store: over 2 years
Units sold to date: 10,530

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