Spray. Swipe. Sparkle

It's all handled

Clear, twist off handle with cleaning fluid reservoir keeps track of cleaning fluid level so you can spray away.

Reusable cloths

The removable and machine washable microfiber cleaning cloths allow you to recycle.

Spray. Swipe. Sparkle
Spray. Swipe. Sparkle

Grip galore

Its rubberized grip prevents slips during hardcore squeegee sessions.

Invented By

TeamLab -

Like all Quirky products, Squeak was invented and influenced by real people like you. It took a diverse team to invent a product as clever as Squeak! TeamLab is an unlikely collection of inventors with different backgrounds, spread out all across the country. They met on Quirky and are an entrepreneur, a professor, a nanny, and a firefighter. They've used their collective brainpower to alter the future of window washing for all, and we can't wait to see what's next from TeamLab.

2614 influencers helped bring Squeak Microfiber Refill 3-pack to life.

TeamLab -
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Plastic, microfiber cloth


Handle: 8” W x 12.25” H x 3” D (311.15mm H x 203.2mm W x 76.2mm D) Cleaning pad: 7 ¾” L x 3.5” H (177.8mm L x 88.9mm H)


Development duration: 2 months
Time in store: 12 months
Units sold to date: 1,536

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In the box

1 handle 1 cleaning pad