Find your balance

Benefits abound

Drift's two training positions help to strengthen your core, improve balance, burn calories, and increase lower body strength.

The Drift workout

An adjustable ball-and-pendulum balancing mechanism allows for a unique range of motion, while its moving roller arm lets the rider rock, roll, and pivot.

Find your balance
Find your balance

Action sport training

Drift simulates skiing, snowboarding, surfing... Whether you are a beginner or looking to maintain your edge in the off season, Drift is balance to the core.

Invented By

Michael Pearson

Boise, Idaho

Like all Quirky products, Drift was invented and influenced by real people like you. Michael Pearson happened upon the idea for Drift by accident; while he was using a homemade balance board, one end of the board slipped and fell on the floor, providing an anchor. Michael realized that he could replicate the motion of board sports much more accurately with such a setup, and the idea for a better balance board was born.

2764 influencers helped bring Drift to life.

Michael Pearson
  • $10,439
  • $10,235



Birch wood, aluminum


15.2" W x 27.8" L x 3" H (385 mm W x 705mm L x 75 mm H)


Development duration: 4 months
Time in store: over 1 year
Units sold to date: 1,246

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In the box

1 Drift balance board 1 training support attachment included for beginners