A rubber band + a clip

Bigger and better

They offer a larger, more secure hook than our original Bandits to ensure the attached object doesn’t fall or come unhooked.

One shape, several sizes

Carabandit multi-packs come with small, medium, and large bands, so they custom fit to secure your goods.

A rubber band + a clip
A rubber band + a clip

Open sesame

The band’s loop can also be opened by rotating the hook and unscrewing one end of the band.

Invented By

Charlie Circles


Like all Quirky products, Carabandits was invented and influenced by real people like you. Marc Zech was trying to hang a towel around some piping in his kitchen, when the idea for Bandits first hit him. That very same day he was fixing a child-proof door next to his stairs when he realized that exact idea would help him sturdy the gate into place. Brilliant! This Hamburg-based marketer loves to play guitar, watch soccer, and spend time with his family. Aww…

2291 influencers helped bring Carabandits to life.

Charlie Circles
  • $4,904
  • $22,420



Plastic, elastic


Carabiner: 1.4" H x .75" W x .66"D (35.5mm x 19mm x 17mm) Bands: multiple sizes


Development duration: over 1 year
Time in store: over 2 years
Units sold to date: 11,744

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In the box

6 Carabandits in multiple sizes (S, M, L)