Multifunction scissors


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Scissors with an edge

Sheath is a lean, mean crafting machine. Disguised as a pair of seemingly standard scissors, this two-in-one tool transforms into a single blade perfect for scoring paper, opening boxes, and curling ribbon. Simply tuck the unwanted blade inside the grooved handle and get busy like a DIY dynamo.

Scissors with an edge
Scissors with an edge

A cut above

Use as traditional scissors with benefits: ergonomic handles, sharp blades, and a sleek design.

Snip, tuck...

Convert Sheath by tucking one of its blades into the grip of its handle. Presto! Now you can easily open packages, curl ribbons, and score paper.

Scissors with an edge
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Like all Quirky products, Sheath was invented and influenced by real people like you. Sonia sees Quirky as a creative outlet. She's invented two other products (Stylus, Box Bug) and collaborates on teams like Jenson and TeamLab with other members of the Quirky community. Lately she's been spending most of her time with her new baby, but still video chats with the Quirky staff to brainstorm and keep us updated on the latest.

2280 influencers helped bring Sheath to life.

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Plastic, non-slip rubber, stainless steel


5.75" L x 3.43" W x 13.53" H (146mm x 87mm x 13.5mm)


Development duration: 3 months
Time in store: 9 months
Units sold to date: 2,607

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