Non-stick cake pan with tasting cup


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A bite to know it's right

Whether celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, there’s always an occasion for cake. But it can be difficult to check the tastiness of your sweet concoction without altering its delicate shape. Fear no more, for here is Nibble, a uniquely shaped cake pan with an additional small cake holder that lets you taste-test while keeping your masterpiece intact.

A bite to know it's right
A bite to know it's right

Have your cake

The 8" non-stick pan is perfect for baking anything from brownies to cornbread into a circular shape.

...and eat it, too

The miniature silicone bite cup slips in and out, so you don't have to wait for cake-cutting time to sample your creation.

A bite to know it's right
Invented By

Talia Wiener

Like all Quirky products, Nibble was invented and influenced by real people like you. Jewelry designer Talia Wiener lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, where they also have the proverb "You can't have your cake and eat it too," in Hebrew. She wanted to break patterns we are used to, so she came up with this bright idea for a taste-testing pan. Now she can do both before serving time, without ruining her cake's form.

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Talia Wiener
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Steel with non-stick coating, silicone


Overall: 11.5" L x 9" W (292mm L x 228mm W) Baking Pan: 8-inch diameter, 2-inch depth


Development duration: 2 months
Time in store: about 1 year
Units sold to date: 942

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