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Portable power + cord management


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Protects with a flex

Portable power and cable protection get cozy in Contort Power. This power adapter provides both USB and AC power housed in a beautiful and functional design. Two USB ports and an AC outlet offer versatile charging, while the angled plug and built-in cord management make it one of the most travel-worthy devices in your bag.

Protects with a flex
Protects with a flex


Contort Power turns a single socket into an AC outlet plus two USB ports, ensuring your battery bar will never again be in the red.

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San Diego

Like all Quirky products, Contort Power was invented and influenced by real people like you. Emad Yahia moved to the United States a decade ago from Sudan, where he used to play barefoot soccer. Once in the states, he studied Computer Science in New York where he learned about emerging technologies and patenting. He's inspired by people who do not have much, but still smile and work hard. We're inspired by people like him.

3083 influencers helped bring Contort Power to life.

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Plastic, LED light


3.2" L x 5" W x 2.3"D (82mm L x 132.5mm W x 58.5mm D)


Development duration: over 2 years
Time in store: 11 months
Units sold to date: 2,286

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1 Contort Power adapter <br> 125 VAC 50/60Hz 15A USB 5V DC3A shared between 2 ports </br>