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Multifunction BBQ tool


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Three-in-one BBQ tool

You may consider yourself a lone ranger, but even the grittiest souls need a BBQ sidekick. Grill Wrangler gives you all the functionality of a high-performance spatula, fork, and tongs. Whether you're flipping burgers, gripping chicken legs, or spearing hot dogs, it transforms into the tool you need, when you need it.

Three-in-one BBQ tool
Three-in-one BBQ tool


A wide mouth with smooth spring action grabs and grips your food.


Its large stainless steel face has steam vents to keep your meat cooking.

Three-in-one BBQ tool
Three-in-one BBQ tool


Big ol' prongs have an easy-release button for sticking, turning and serving.

Invented By

Peter A. Wachtel

Buffalo, NY ★ Camarillo, CA

Like all Quirky products, Grill Wrangler was invented and influenced by real people like you. Peter Wachtel was BBQing and noticed he had an overwhelming array of tools. He fantasized about combining them to make one ultimate tool. "A Spa-tong-fork-ula?" he thought. That Spa-tong-fork-ula became what is today the Grill Wrangler. Peter is a kid at heart who lives and breathes toys at his company KID Toyology, and lives with his family and their dog Ginger.

712 influencers helped bring Grill Wrangler to life.

Peter A. Wachtel
  • $16,665
  • $30,773



Stainless steel, plastic


16.5" L x 3.3" W x 1" D (420mm L x 85mm W x 30mm D)


Development duration: 5 months
Time in store: over 1 year
Units sold to date: 1,790

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