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Keep your cables on the table

Cordies keeps unruly cables and wires organized and weighted down on your desk, preventing disconnection from your precious digital life! This compact and helpful contraption includes five rubber grips with four slots, taking care of all those loose ends. A clean desk is a clean mind.

Keep your cables on the table
Keep your cables on the table

Everyday problem solved

Cordies' weighted base keeps your cords and cables from sliding off the edge your desk when they’re unplugged.

Good grip

Cordies' tight grip won't let anything slip. It even keeps smaller cables, USB cords, and earbuds in line.

Keep your cables on the table
Invented By

Stephen Stewart

Leeds, UK

Like all Quirky products, Cordies was invented and influenced by real people like you. Steven Stewart used to keep his laptop power cord from slipping off his desk by putting it under an iPhone stand. Sick of fumbling with his makeshift solution, he considered how he might create a paperweight, but for cables—a cable-weight, if you will. Driving home, the idea for Cordies hit him, and the rest is Quirky history. This Leeds-based lawyer loves scrambled eggs and black pudding washed down with several cups of tea.

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Stephen Stewart
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