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Porter Porter BBQ prep containers + serving dish $29.99 by Christine Torpey

BBQ prep containers + serving dish

Porter is a multi-purpose BBQ tray that eliminates extra trips between your kitchen and grill. Containers with lids keep raw food safely separated, while a serving platter and condiment caddy hold everything a grill chef needs at hand.

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Refuel Refuel Smart propane tank gauge $49.99 by anthony reddington

Smart propane tank gauge

App Enabled Propane Tank

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Porkfolio Porkfolio Smart piggy bank $49.99 by Jason Hunter

Smart piggy bank

Porkfolio is an app-enabled piggy bank that loads a full financial institution into one lovable package

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Pivot Power Media Pivot Power Media Flexible power strip $49.99 by Jake Zien

Flexible surge protector for media consoles

Pivot Power Entertainment

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Cubo Cubo Cutting board with prep storage $29.99 by Justin Giannone

Cutting board with prep storage

Stylish cutting board, storage drawers, and the portability of tupperware. Along with a smaller version of the classic Mocubo bamboo cutting board and drawer, Mocubo Mini comes with the added benefit of a removable lid that turns the drawer into an ultra-

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Verseur Metal + Levier Verseur Metal + Levier 4-in-1 wine opener and magnetic bottle opener set $29.99 by angelo cacchione

4-in-1 wine opener and magnetic bottle opener set

Verseur Metal is an upgraded version of our classic wine lover’s multitool that combines everything you need to open, serve, and save your favorite wines. It's combined with Levier, your beer's new BFF. It's a bottle opener that traps caps so they don't f

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Verseur Verseur 4-in-1 wine opener $19.99 by angelo cacchione

4-in-1 wine opener

Verseur is a wine lover’s multitool, combining everything you need to open, serve and save your favorite wines. Developed by the Quirky community.

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Shake - Women's Tote Shake - Women's Tote Mesh-bottom beach bag $29.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh-bottom beach bag

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Mocubo Mocubo Cutting board with prep storage $39.99 by Justin Giannone

Cutting board with prep storage

Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three slide-out food prep containers.

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Grill Wrangler Grill Wrangler Multifunction BBQ tool $29.99 by Peter A. Wachtel

Multifunction BBQ tool

You may consider yourself a lone ranger, but even the grittiest souls need a BBQ sidekick. Grill Wrangler gives you all the functionality of a high-performance spatula, fork, and tongs. Whether you're flipping burgers, gripping chicken legs, or spearing h

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Cordies Executive Cordies Executive Desktop cord manager $14.99 by Stephen Stewart

Desktop cord manager

Cordies Executive is made from heavy aluminum and keeps unruly cables and devices organized and weighted down on your desk. Whatever you're not using—phones, Post-Its, headphones, chargers, cords, cables—fits gracefully into a slot. A clean desk is a clea

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Contort Power Contort Power Portable power + cord management $24.99 by Nomad

Portable power + cord management

a portable power supply that provides both USB and AC power with a discreet and resilient design. Two USB ports and an AC outlet offer versatile charging, while an angled plug and built-in cord management

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Pivot Power Pivot Power Flexible surge protector $29.99 by Jake Zien

Flexible surge protector

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Pivot Power 2x3 Pivot Power 2x3 Workshop power strip $24.99 by Jake Zien

Workshop power strip

Pivot Power 2x3 is smartly built to deliver power through all six adjustable outlets. A twist on the original award winning Pivot Power, 2x3 has undergone a makeover to economize space for the bulkiest power bricks, including cord management and a carryin

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Prop Power Pro Prop Power Pro Wrap-around extension cord $24.99 by Jacob

Wrap-around extension cord

Prop Power Pro is a heavy-duty version of the upcoming Prop Power, with a flexible neck that can wrap around ladders, scaffolds, or most anything else.

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Metal Sliders Metal Sliders Slide and serve skewers $27.99 by Tim Hayes

Slide-and-serve skewer set

Sliders is a set of 4 single-pronged metal skewers that keep food securely on while grilling. The sliders guide food off easily when you’re ready to eat.

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Silo Silo Measuring food storage container $14.99 by jan habraken

Measuring food storage container

Now you can pour out the perfect portions with Silo. Simply fill this container’s larger “reservoir” with dry ingredients, and each pour will measure out exactly what you need. Use the adjustable barrier to choose between 1 cup or 1/2 cup measurements. Th

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Pivot Power Desktop Pivot Power Desktop Desktop power strip $39.99 by Jake Zien

Desktop power strip

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Shake - Clutch Shake - Clutch Mesh-bottom beach bag $9.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh bottom beach bag

Shake totes are designed to keep your items in and the sand far away. The bags feature a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake, shake, shake.

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Nibble Nibble Non-stick cake pan with tasting cup $12.99 by Talia Wiener

Non-stick cake pan with tasting cup

Nibble, a uniquely shaped cake pan with an additional small cake holder that helps you seamlessly taste, without disturbing the entire masterpiece. It's so perfect, it's really a piece of cake!

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Web Web Elastic storage case $11.99 by Chet

Elastic storage case

Web is an iPad Mini case with an integrated web that stores everything from pens to business cards, helping you keep track of those small but important things that so often fall through the cracks. The dense elastic webbing allows you to store numerous sm

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Crossover for iPhone® Crossover for iPhone® X-band storage bumper $14.99 by Chet

X-band storage bumper

Crossover is an iPhone® 5 case with silicone bands for storage.

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Bake Shapes and Pluck Bake Shapes and Pluck Muffin toppers and egg separator $19.99 by Hadar

Muffin toppers and egg separator

Fresh from the oven, the Bake Shapes and Pluck set is guaranteed to help satisfy your baking cravings. Whether a you’re a seasoned pastry chef or you’ve never worn an apron in your life, this delectable duo brings more than a pinch of fun to your baking g

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Crossover for iPad mini® Crossover for iPad mini® X-band storage bumper $19.99 by Chet

X-band storage bumper

Crossover is a two-piece case that secures the stuff you need most to your iPad Mini. Silicone straps merge functionality with a minimalist profile, intersecting to form a web of security by reinforcing key areas of impact. They provide comfortable storag

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Fender Smart Cover® Fender Smart Cover® Protective bumper for iPad Mini® $24.99 by Gyro

Protective bumper for iPad mini®

Fender is a clear plastic bumper, protects your iPad Mini’s sides and corners, without encasing the entire unit. It's a reliable protective lace rather than a clunky case.

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Upwrite Upwrite Stylus and kickstand $14.99 by Gyro

Stylus + kickstand

Upwrite is a stylish metal key-wrangler that serves as both a conductive stylus and a kickstand for the iPhone 5. Its spring-loaded latch shuts tight to keep your keys in place, and can double as a kickstand when open, holding your iPhone securely in land

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Luminum Luminum Shiny phone case $14.99 by Laura Doty

Shiny phone case

Luminum is a minimalist case that dwells on the beauty of brushed aluminum. An anodized aluminum inset replicates the iPhone 5’s iconic finish in a variety of colors, giving you more freedom to express yourself while staying true to the device’s original

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Slimline Slimline Over-the-door drying rack $19.99 by Leanne Luce

Over-the-door drying rack

Slimline is a drying rack that makes the most of small spaces. Arms swivel up to hang the rack over doors, drawers or shower rods, while a drying table folds open to hold everything from sweaters to delicates. When laundry is done, it folds flat and hangs

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Mantis Mantis Multi-position LED task light $19.99 by Clinton Fleenor

Multi-position LED task light

Let there be light! Mantis is a versatile clip-on task lamp that brightens your workspace, with minimal interference to your surroundings.

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Pluck Pluck Egg separator $4.99 by Mark Fusco

Egg separator

Pluck is an egg yolk extractor, simply place over an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. To dispose of its contents, just give Pluck another squeeze and move onto the next egg. When finished, se

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Quirky Gift Cards Quirky Gift Cards $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or $250 value $10.00

$10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or $250 value

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Align Align Stapler with detachable base $9.99 by Kenneth Rubi

Stapler with detachable base

Align's detachable base enables a user to staple materials of any size, from posters to sheets of cardboard. Simply separate the magnetic base and place it under the material you're stapling. Magnets keep Align's two halves aligned, so you have the freedo

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Bake Shapes Bake Shapes Decorative muffin toppers $16.99 by Hadar

Decorative Muffin Toppers

Bake Shapes is a set of six silicone molds that create gorgeous, functional designs on your freshly baked muffins.

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Bobble Brush Timer Bobble Brush Timer Toothbrush stand + timer $5.99 by Spencer Sloan

Toothbrush stand + timer

Bobble Brush Timer is an innovative toothbrush stand and timer for ensuring the best teeth cleaning.

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Branch Branch 12 shower rings, 3 with hooks $9.99 by MarcR

12 shower rings, 3 with hooks

Branch is a set of overachieving shower curtain rings, with a series of integrated hooks to ensure that storage is always close at hand. The hooks are featured on 3 of Branch's 12 rings, and can be used both inside and outside the shower, providing a

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Broom Groomer Pro Broom Groomer Pro Upright broom-cleaning dustpan set $19.99 by bill ward

Upright broom-cleaning dustpan set

Broom Groomer Pro is a dustpan/broom combo that serves as a one-stop shop for even the toughest cleanses.

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Stem Metal Stem Metal Citrus spritzer $9.99 by Tim Houle

Tap the Flavor

Stem Metal , a metal stem and added mixing tool for the martini-swiller in all of us. Sold in a gift box, this classic set includes a aluminum Stem, paired with an aluminum reamer to round out a bartender's citrus kit. The reamer's head detaches t

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Cargo Cargo Customizable shower caddy $9.99 by Laura Doty

Customizable shower caddy

Cargo is a simple way to organize and transport all your shower products. This caddy comes with five flat bungee cords that separate your items and keep large bottles from spilling out. The perforated structure allows you to attach cords in almost any con

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CitriTwist CitriTwist Citrus reamer $9.99 by Carlos Uceda

Citrus reamer

Citrus zester and reamer

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Cyclone Cyclone Spiral hot dog slicer $4.99 by Zoli Honig

Spiral hot dog slicer

This clever tool slices any sausage into a perfect spiral, allowing for speedier, more even cooking; deliciously crispy bites; and a better hold for toppings. Cyclone comes in a pack of two, including one large and one small slicer. The small one is perfe

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Flipside Flipside Broom + dust mop $19.99 by wyan

Broom + dust mop

Flipside is a combination broom and floor duster that packs a full broom closet into one compact design.

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Groove Groove Multi-head scrubber $9.99 by Jenny Drinkard

Multi-head scrubber

This multifunction tool allows you to thoroughly clean those impossible spots. The ballooning crevice cleaner can squeeze into jars, wine glasses, and other places where hands can’t fit. Snap on the sponge head and wash away caked on crud. Finish the job

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Levier Levier Magnetic bottle opener $9.99 by Ryan Neel

Trap the Bottle Cap

Magnetic Bottle Opener

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Loop Loop Scrubbing attachment for towels $5.99 $2.99 by Adam Rehak

Scrubbing attachment for towels

This easy-to-grip abrasive scrubber pairs with any cloth and takes care of the messes that normally require multiple tools.

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Poppit Poppit Fruit and veggie toppers $7.99 by Yolanda Jackson

Fruit and veggie toppers

Poppit was designed with just such a problem in mind, featuring concentric layers that provide a tight seal on any exposed produce, from onions to oranges. Simply push a halved fruit or vegetable into Poppit's surface, and one of its silicone rings w

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Portion Portion Measuring spoons $7.99 by MarcR

measuring spoons

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Zeus / Thor Bundle Zeus / Thor Bundle Ice scraper and snow shovel + brush set $39.99 by K. Appiahene-Agyei

Ice scraper and snow shovel + brush set

Tis the season to bundle two of our most essential, cold-weather tools up into one cozy set. Whether you use it to hit the slopes or battle blizzards on the daily, this duo is more than strong enough to stick it to ornery Old Man Winter.

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Vine Vine Wine bottle stabilizers $2.99 by MarcR

Wine bottle stabilizers

Put a cork to your bottles rolling around in the fridge with the simple, but elegant, Vine. If you’re out of space to store your bottle vertically it can now be placed stylishly on its side by simply sliding Vine over the neck of your favorite bottle.

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Sheath Sheath Multifunction scissors $9.99 by Sonia

Multifunction scissors

Sheath resembles a normal pair of scissors, ergonomic handle and all. However, a groove in the handle conceals one of the blades when fully opened, allowing the user to both score paper and curl ribbons with a safe, comfortable handle.

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Solo Solo Folding hangers $10.99 $7.99 by Howard Tseng

Folding hangers

SOLO is a collapsible hanger that makes it easy to hang and remove clothes in one swift motion.

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Squeak Squeak All-in-one cleaning tool $9.99 by TeamLab -

All-in-one cleaning tool

Squeak is the all-in-one cleaning tool to rule them all. The sleek Squeak incorporates a surface conforming cleaning pad, squeegee, and cleaning liquid dispenser into one easy to manage tool.

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Stem Stem Citrus spritzer $3.99 by Tim Houle

Citrus spritzer

Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. No longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to get the juice out like a common cook. With only one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly.

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Tether Tether Stemware saver $7.99 by gary rose

Stemware saver

Save your stemware with Tether, a flexible silicone rod that stabilizes your stemware as it goes through the cycle.

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Totem Totem Stackable cups $3.99 $1.99 by DESIGN-JAY

Stackable cups

Totem is a set of six stackable cups for use in your bathroom or kitchen.

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Unhampered Unhampered Fold-flat laundry basket $19.99 by Barbara Miles

Fold-flat laundry basket

Don't let your laundry basket take up more space than necessary. UnHampered provides all the function of your average laundry basket -- and then some! – and can fold flat when not in use. Designed by the Quirky community.

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Ventu Ventu Colander + serving bowl $39.99 by andrea zabinski

Colander + serving bowl

Prep, strain, serve, and store, all in one elegant solution. That’s Ventu, a serving bowl that also allows you to strain excess moisture from fruit, salads, pasta, and more.

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Vine Stop Vine Stop Stabilizing wine bottle stoppers $7.99 by MarcR

Stabilizing wine bottle stoppers

Vine Stop is a combination Vine and wine stopper

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Zen Cosmetics Zen Cosmetics Makeup organizer $14.99 by E. van de Bospoort

The art of organization

Pen Zen for Cosmetics

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Shake - Kids Backpack Shake - Kids Backpack Mesh-bottom beach bags $19.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh-bottom beach bag

Shake totes are designed to keep your items in and the sand far away. The bags feature a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake, shake, shake.

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Shake - Men's Tote Shake - Men's Tote Mesh-bottom beach bag $29.99 by CharlieandSpike

Mesh-bottom beach bag

Shake totes are designed to keep your items in and the sand far away. The bags feature a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake, shake, shake.

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Zeus Zeus Snow shovel + brush $29.99 by K. Appiahene-Agyei

Snow shovel + brush

Zeus is a vehicle cleaning tool that's light on its feet, combining a shovel, brush and flashlight into one compact design. Simply extend the handle to turn Zeus into a full-sized shovel, or pop it out completely to use it as a snow brush. The ergonomic h

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