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Inventions that connect wirelessly to your mobile device.

Refuel Refuel Smart propane tank gauge $49.99 by anthony reddington

Smart propane tank gauge

App Enabled Propane Tank

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Nimbus Nimbus Smart dashboard + clock $99.99 by Ryan Pendleton

Smart dashboard + clock

Pulls calendar weather and traffic information from your smart phone

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Spotter Spotter Multipurpose sensor $49.99 by Denny2020

Multipurpose sensor

Multipurpose Sensors

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Pivot Power Genius Pivot Power Genius Smart flexible power strip $59.99 by Jake Zien

Smart, flexible power strip

Pivot Power Genius is Quirky’s new adjustable power strip with two outlets that you can control from your mobile device.

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Porkfolio Porkfolio Smart piggy bank $49.99 by Jason Hunter

Smart piggy bank

Porkfolio is an app-enabled piggy bank that loads a full financial institution into one lovable package

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