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about 17 hours ago
Clinton Fleenor replied to a forum topic We should start a thread & a movement to vote for original vs Q staff interpretations of winning ideas. + up/down vote for reasons

EW, you ask, "So really what you want to do is just poop on the staff designs?"
That sounds like you assume most/all of the staff designs are poop-on worthy.
I agree.

1 day ago
Clinton Fleenor replied to a forum topic Swingling looks like it would ..............

What was the original submission for?

2 days ago
Clinton Fleenor replied to a forum topic WHO? Posts the simular products on your idea post?????

I feel ya'.
Despite the complaints of both the inventors and the people who find real comparables - and worst of all, despite Quirky paying for then wasting an opportunity to actually tap into the comp-shopping ability of the world - the staff have refused to fix this for years, so....

I usually use it as an opportunity to leave a comment such as, "Unlike the first three comparables, my idea has... (then I list all the great features of my idea)".

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4 days ago
4 days ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
10 days ago
I continue to be impressed by your passion.
11 days ago
Please give it a rest today.
Columbo ...
12 days ago
Thanks for you support with AROS
alissa beth fox
17 days ago
Good luck with your pad
19 days ago
Hi, Clinton. An easy thumbs up for the suitcase packer. Hey, I would love to see a forum thread on statistiscal measurement design.
about 1 month ago
Hi :)
about 1 month ago
Thanks for your Tax FYI…on Forums…good to know!
Evonne Wilks
about 1 month ago
Your assessment on pg 9... forum on new voting, "Brilliant" ... I hope the pimping stops on our props now! :))
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