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I am project driven. I love having a full plate to keep me motivated and busy. Creativity and inventing, in all areas of my life, thrill and excite me to no end. My wishes are that my inventions will be seen in the public's' eye as innovative, necessary, and a "must have". Once one of my ideas is made and distributed by the Quirky team I plan on using my royalties to help my family, open my own business, and help others succeed in their dreams the best I can.


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Stitou Soufiane
6 months ago
FLIP HEAD TOOTHBRUSH check out you will like it and i will the same for you
m.m 92
6 months ago
Hi Dear Cambria.thank you so much for your attention.i appreciate it.good luck with your ideas.if you like please see my idea and give comment and if you like it vote.
8 months ago
Come see & vote for my new ideas ! I'm new to Quirky. I look forward to your new ideas !
Marcos Ramos
8 months ago
I would like to invite you to check out my first idea for Quirky: the FAN AEOLUS 360 (my monograph of 2001). Thanks! ... View in:
9 months ago
Thank you Cambria, for follow me back! Best 4 U!
jose besares
10 months ago
thanks for the follow. best to you :)
Ronald Carter
10 months ago
Thank you Cambria for following me on Quirky!
10 months ago
Best 4 U!
J.D. Prado
10 months ago
Great Job !
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