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Orem, UT Joined August 13, 2011

I'm 27 years old have a lovely wife and 2 boys, 18 months and 3 years. They're my greatest motivation. My career experience has been only in the industry of pharmacy since age 16. My true passion is brainstorming, problem solving and inventing. I would love to work for a think tank some day. I have a note book full of product ideas that might as well have been a notebook full of scribbles if Quirky wouldn't have came along, I'm slowing modifying them and releasing them as my comfort continues to grow with this. Thank for Quirky Ben!

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8 months ago
Chase Ferguson added a comment to BlueTooth Shower Head Speaker

cool thought but they do have bluetooth shower speakers. i think you would have trouble with the sound of the water from from the shower head distorting the music sound too.

8 months ago
Chase Ferguson added a comment to Pacifier finder

with a baby in the house I can tell you theres a market for this. voted!

8 months ago
Chase Ferguson added a comment to Reading Tool w/ App

you may have something here. I took a speed reading class in college and it eecommended the note card as well. this could have applications specifically to "speed reading" by combining the tool and performance measurements to help people track their improvements. Voted!

9 months ago
Chase Ferguson added a comment to Outlet-Alarm: Protect Your Devices & Laptops From Theft! (See Designs & Diagrams For Details) RESUB.

Love this concept. Are you sure it can alarm if unit itself is unplugged or if the ac adapter was unplugged from the laptop?

9 months ago
Chase Ferguson added a comment to Self cleaning razor that saves water. Pump the top and the hair is removed from blades. No more running water needed.

I submitted a similar idea on here over a year ago but mine didn't have the portability yours does. Mine was meant to be hooked to the shower head for people that like to shave in the shower. But I love the idea of yours for service men. Voted.

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Darlene Jarrard
3 months ago
Hi Chase just stopped by to wish you and the family all the happiness possible for this fine new year. =)
e a s t
4 months ago
please check out my idea and vote if you like it thanks in advance! :) http://www.quirky.com/invent/813833
Alan Keller
5 months ago
Hi Chase, I am following you and would greatly appreciate if you would please take a look at http://www.quirky.com/invent/742493 and vote or critique. If I can help you let me know! Thank you for your time. Best regards, Alan
6 months ago
You voted for my app-enabled reading tool a few months ago. I made a few changes to it and submitted it as en entry for the Katie Couric challenge. If you have a chance, would you mind looking at it? Here's the link: http://www.quirky.com/invent/685845/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all Thank you!
William Drosos
8 months ago
Hi! Nice ideas! If you have a moment please give some feedback and check out some of my ideas! Thank you :) http://www.quirky.com/william-drosos/submissions
8 months ago
Come see & vote for my exciting new ideas ! I'm new to Quirky. I look forward to your new ideas !
Jose Barrios
9 months ago
Hello! I'm letting all of my followers know that I have resubmitted 3 of my most popular ideas today. I ask if you may take a look at them on my profile and see if you could vote for them! I'll be resubmitting more next Thursday- so if you're interested, feel free to vote on those as well. Thank you. c;
over 1 year ago
If you have time Please check this idea and let me know your opinion. http://www.quirky.com/ideations/322135
Kat Devlon
almost 2 years ago
Welcome to Quirky!
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