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1 day ago
ChesterCat added a comment to Bright Yellow

I would like it color matched to the color of warm butter!

3 days ago
ChesterCat replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

Boy, all I did was suggest different styling and color options!

Not anymore Kansas, it's already on the floor!

5 days ago
ChesterCat replied to a forum topic AROS...The 100 Million Ribbongate

Logic dictates that Aros will probably do poorly. The reason why is that the potential customers are poorer cash strapped homeowners that don't have smart phones or the aptitude to want to deal with the software OR they are landlords who don't care if their tenants have "smart" control of the AC unit.

Neither will want to pay the added expense over a cheaper unit.

5 days ago
ChesterCat replied to a forum topic Ventu 2?

They are only looking at new colors. I don't like any of the new colors.

They should consider transluscent pearlescent pearl or transluscent jade green or transluscent ruby red for a richy look. They actually should use FDA food grade liquid colorant then they could have all the ''birth stone" colors in transparent and women would all want one in their birth color.

6 days ago
ChesterCat replied to a forum topic Anyone else not "feeling" the latest electronic inventions....

Poor financial performance so far and the killing of hundreds of crowned inventors shows a total lack of decisioon making skills and proves my case. Hope the investors open their eyes soon and take care of the problems.

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Gail Gupton
about 7 hours ago
I love this idea. A friend of mine bought a traditional popcorn popper and now it sits in the cabinet in favor of store bought mocrowave bags. He would LOVE this!!
Terry Biggar
about 11 hours ago
AWESOME Popcorn Bowl........................Plz.......If you have a moment to support my Hair Flare for the Q...D I Y Challenge I would greatly appreciate it. Thank Youhttps://www.quirky.com/invent/1075790/action/vote/query/sort=newest&categories=all
David Fortier
1 day ago
Hay Chester I like my popcorn & this is cool check out my new Kitchen Hammer Knife Vote & tell all your friends would be cool to hit a homerun first at bat lol God bless David
Scott Riggi
1 day ago
Fantastic Idea Chester....this is a big seller!!!...Everyone who eats popcorn..will want one!!!
Roy Johnson
1 day ago
Props on the Popcorn butter bowl, I'm a definite buyer. Good luck with it!
Christopher Didio
1 day ago
ChesterCat, Great idea.Can you check out my latest idea. Looking for support and comments. Thanks
Rebecca McGuire
4 days ago
I enjoyed reading your comment in the forum section. I just submitted a product and I am trying to learn as much as possible.
Lopper and Saw Combo
9 days ago
Hi. Could you please check out & VOTE for "Lopper & Saw Combo". Thank You.
Alexandra Spegel
9 days ago
If you could please take a moment to check out my idea, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
9 days ago
Hello, Please check my idea and vote, support,comment. Kids Fun Climber Apple
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