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The hazy Beijing Joined December 15, 2012

Sometimes I dreamt or get inspirations for some product or potential solutions but never took actions on it. Always slapped myself in the head when found out that the idea was turned into reality sometimes later by a do-er!

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Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
Hello. Do you love your pet ? Don't you want to lose it? 1 solution : the solar gps collar !! The one collar for pet which recharges it self ! For your safe pet Thanks :)
Deborah Hardy
2 months ago
Hi, If you have not seen it yet, check out my idea I need only 26 votes and it is the second day the idea has been listed! Definitely a popular idea! Thank you for your support! Deb
3 months ago
Hi Great Job hope to see more ideas in the future you great ideas best of luck now and in the future. Blue Dragon.  Please take a look my ideas.,,
Mary Kisko
3 months ago
Please check out my MASSAGE ENVY, Only vote if you like it. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Manuel Farinha
4 months ago
Hi, If you like the idea I would really appreciate your vote. Have a great day, and happy Quirking.
Gerry Neher
over 1 year ago
Hey Chet. Welcome. Thanks for following. Happy Quirkying.
Patricia Lucas
over 1 year ago
Thanks a lot. I guess I could take a photo of my wastepaper basket set up.
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