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Yeah, this is my actual mug - a cross between Charles Bronson and George Clooney (in 15 years). My friends call me Gus. Science and inventing are my hobbies and great joy. Many of my ideas are open source and deal with water purification for poor and distressed people. Visit my website - H2oHow.com . I believe everyone is created for a purpose. The blessed are those that discover their purpose through faith and good works that shine His glory. It's the reason we inventors should get out of bed each morning and try again. Followers may MESSAGE me anytime to review their new ideas - DON'T PIMP IN MY PROPS - thank you.


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17 minutes ago
Constantine added a comment to Dollhouse Doors

Dollhouse Doors is an original, fun and affordable way for every child to enjoy their very own dollhouse - Thumbs Up!

about 7 hours ago
Constantine added a comment to Doubler 2.0

A cool and refreshing container design - Thumbs Up!

about 7 hours ago
Constantine added a comment to Multi Positioned Staked Power

A creative and useful power solution that will be a big seller this holiday season - Time to get busy - Thumbs Up!

about 8 hours ago
Constantine added a comment to CIRC smart light bulbs

I like this as a natural alternative to the dangerous practice of dosing babies and young children with melatonin supplements. So, I might try this bulb in baby's room to help everyone sleep, but monitor its effects closely - Even natural substances have side-effects - Thumbs Up!

about 9 hours ago
Constantine added a comment to Home Roof Tree Sway Monitor

A good idea, and something I need for my yard with many tall, dangerous trees - Thumbs Up!

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David P.
about 11 hours ago
me c
me c
about 22 hours ago
Thank you my friend!;)
Chad Bukey
Chad Bukey
about 23 hours ago
Congrats on the win Gus!
Sandeep Singh
1 day ago
Thks for your kind words and support and Congratulation !!!
Steve Katz
1 day ago
Congrats on your live eval win!!!
Jyoti Singh
1 day ago
Your Hybrid lighting idea is quite impressive . well done . Voted TU
Nikia Singleton
1 day ago
You and JustIdeas have addressed a gap between decorating and Smart Homes. Holosphere is the very mechanism Smart Decorating needs to catch up with Smart Homes and all their features! Kids falling asleep in their bedrooms with the Terracosta soldiers of China they just learned about or an art fanatic looking intently in their living rooms at archaic cave paintings in Altamira, Spain, on their walls. Travel to the New Frontier where no man has gone before with your own home decor offered by Holosphere!
2 days ago
2 days ago
Thank you very much
Rhonda Mc
Rhonda Mc
2 days ago
Way to Go My Friend !! I was so excited for your Win. Your inventions are outstanding. Wishing you Big Success. *woohoo*
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