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Yeah, this is my actual mug - a cross between Charles Bronson and George Clooney (in 15 years). My friends call me Gus. Science and inventing are my hobbies and great joy. Many of my ideas are open source and deal with water purification for poor and distressed people. Visit my website - H2oHow.com . I believe everyone is created for a purpose. The blessed are those that discover their purpose through faith and good works that shine His glory. It's the reason we inventors should get out of bed each morning and try again. Followers may MESSAGE me anytime to review their new ideas - DON'T PIMP IN MY PROPS - thank you. When you vote for one of my ideas, leave a comment in Community Feedback, so I know where to return the favor.


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23 minutes ago
Constantine added a comment to Follow Fido GPS

A more humane and intelligent way to restrict pet movements - Thumbs Up!

38 minutes ago
Constantine added a comment to Let baby likes to drink!

Babies will like - parents will buy - Thumbs Up!

43 minutes ago
Constantine added a comment to Ladder w/ Fold-In Drawer V2

An excellent tool extension that will be strong, stable and easy to produce - Thumbs Up!

about 1 hour ago
Constantine replied to a forum topic Self-Healing Materials- Screens/Lenses

Self-Healing Screens/Lenses

Here's a quick video demonstration - http://youtu.be/Q75LcIdtVBY

Scratches vanish automatically

about 1 hour ago
Constantine created a new forum topic Self-Healing Materials- Screens/Lenses
Self-healing materials is going to be a multi-billion dollar market. The technology exists today. I'd like to see Quirky take a piece of this market starting with something small, useful and in high demand like - eyeglass lens and phone screen protectors. Once we've mastered this technology - the sky's the limit. See below.
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Terry Biggar
about 6 hours ago
Thanks Guy.......I have Voted All 5 T U.........Already Great Ideas You Got..Good Luck
about 24 hours ago
Lots of interesting ideas! Thanks for the support, check out my couple of new Q ideas!
2 days ago
Good luck with your ideas that went to expert review, Im glad I voted for them!
Matt Schnabel
2 days ago
Thanks I'll be sure to look into it. Can't wait for Curl
Rebecca McGuire
2 days ago
Constantine, thanks for following me. Best of luck to you!
David Irish
2 days ago
Thanks as always for your continued support!
serena U
4 days ago
thank u :D Best to you too!
Carla Quickfall
4 days ago
Thank you Constantine for your vote, I voted too. brilliant ideas wow
Denton FastWhirlwind
4 days ago
Thank you Constantine for your support. Very much appreciated. You have great ideas!
Michael Brothers
5 days ago
Thanks for Following! I truly appreciate it!
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