Ruben Brito

Ruben Brito

Hudson, MA Joined April 29, 2010

I'm Ruben from the Boston, MA area. I've been submitting ideas since 2010 and really love quirky and the community. If you need renders send me a msg! Here's examples of my previous work:

Illustration Rendering Travel


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2 days ago
Thumbs Up!
Susan Mills
7 days ago
Tired of snow salting sholving take a look at my new idea:)
Uri Wolf
Uri Wolf
24 days ago
Started following you. good luck! if you got a minute i'd be very grateful if you could check my new ideas. thanks!
about 1 month ago
Hi - I'm following you now.. I'm newbie here, Can you please vote for my ideas... 1. Neat Hand Shower 2. Picture Frame SnapFit Hook
Andre Nusta
about 1 month ago
please look at my ideas of ''nustaband'' and ''bottom complete''
Dean Wade
about 1 month ago
Happy New Year!! I have two new idea submissions that are live and could use your vote. iPhone Flashlight Headband (ignore the man in the mug shot and the band in just a proof a concept, not the actual product) Ultra Quiet Window Fan--add on Please follow me!!
Justin Collopy
Justin Collopy
2 months ago
Hello! Positive or Negative feedback on my "Watering Can with Flashlight" would be wonderful! Please provide feedback! Thank you
S Gene
3 months ago
ope you're enjoying the creative view! Please check out THE ORGANIZING CHAIR SHELVES
3 months ago
Hello! I followed you! Check out my idea, THE SMART STICKER that will change the world! :)
Aaron Walters
4 months ago
Hey Ruben, check out the Vibrating Pillow Alarm!
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