Ruben Brito

Hudson, MA Joined April 29, 2010

I'm Ruben from the Boston, MA area. I've been submitting ideas since 2010 and really love quirky and the community. If you need renders send me a msg! Here's examples of my previous work: I also accept bitcoins as an alternative payment option. Quirky Stats EVAL: 3 UC: 6 Design Win: 1 Naming Win: 1 Tagline Win: 2 behance profile: personal blog: bitcoin blog:

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about 1 hour ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
Essam Abozid
6 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
Tas Kroeze
10 days ago
Hi Ruben, i would love that you take a look at my idea : easy uncapper, thanks!
10 days ago
Hello :)
alissa beth fox
13 days ago
Happy inventing Ruben
Mary Silver
27 days ago
Please consider my ideas and vote if you like them. Thanks so much!
Motivation 7
about 1 month ago
Hay my friend
Belinda Elkaim
about 1 month ago
Hi! I put up a new idea. Please take a look at my idea for a home-made soap making machine and of course vote if you like it!
Shao Xiong
about 1 month ago
Hi, Ruben~ Could you take a moment to check my idea: iPad Supporter Everywhere plz~ If you like it, could you do me a favor to tell more friends? Thank you!
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