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Who am I or everyone to tell a bird not to fly? Go fly with your ideas and dreams.


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Glenn Beaulieu
about 17 hours ago
Hey Dameal check out my latest idea!
Michael Cameneti
2 days ago
Thanks for following me. I just launched 2 new products if your interested. "Pro-Poach" and "Zip Whisk" If you have time let me know what you think.
2 days ago
Hello, If you get a chance please look at my new idea/invention. If you like the idea please vote for it. If you do like it Thank you in advance. ( o
3 days ago
Hello Quirky Friend, Thanks for the follow !! My NEW idea is online "BABYGO", i'ts a concept which facilitates access to a disabled person or valid to remove the baby seat on the car. Please can you look, tell me what you think about? Thank You and Good Luck
Petar Parabucki
3 days ago
Hi Damael! I see that you are following me :) you can check my new idea :) wish you all the best :) Petar
Mathilde Raspberry
4 days ago
Hi, Thank you very much for the follow :) My last project is online "Easy Paper", please tell me what you think about and voted if you like the concept. Thank You and Good Luck Quirky Friend !!
Sandy Luna
4 days ago
If you have the time please see my ideas :)
me : v
8 days ago
Keep the ideas coming Damael.
9 days ago
Know why Honey is not found along a sea shore? Because there you only find immature, refuse-to-grow-up, lazy non-working "Bay Bees"! Further here is how to drink in small doses (responsibly!)
9 days ago
Voted for ALL Jump Rope Splash /Jump Rope Splash Buddy/ Musical Jump Rope/ Jump Rope Buddy
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