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Essam Abozid
18 days ago
Hi George can you please review my new idea thank you
Anup Kaushal
28 days ago
Please check out my new idea, CompuClip...
Antonio Bollasina
29 days ago
Hi George, i have a new idea to show you, tell me what you think Ciao Antonio ☺
about 1 month ago
Hi George. Please check out my idea Collapsible tray and Self-powered generator. I would be honored if you can kindly consider taking a look at my idea. I would appreciate your thoughts, comment and vote.
Lisa C
about 1 month ago
i need a vote for Phonecktion! ;-)
Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
Do you love Tea ? Please just take a look at my last invention : Tea Mug
Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
My new idea, take a look please  : ComBrush
Samantha S
about 1 month ago
ever leave your leftovers at the restaurant? If you have, vote for my idea...
Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
Hello. Please go see my new quirky submission, " Magic Baby Bottle,"
Paulette Blankenship
about 1 month ago
Hi, George!
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