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11 days ago
Heather O'Donahoe replied to a forum topic In Memory Of Steven Shaw | We Are All Community

i'm sad......i've "lived through" the death of my parents and a sister. I've seen it thru a child eyes - daughters life, sisters life, friends and spouses lives. My heart goes out to all those feeling the affect of his death . May my prayers be with you friends family and coworkers of David Shaw. Sincerely, Heather

3 months ago
Heather O'Donahoe added a comment to Remote control Trash Kart -APP

Thank you!

3 months ago
Heather O'Donahoe submitted a new idea
Remote control Trash Kart -APP
3 months ago
Heather O'Donahoe submitted a new idea
little Jim Boree
3 months ago
Heather O'Donahoe submitted a new idea
Mixology APP blender or glass
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serena U
6 days ago
love your ideas :D :D now following...when you get a second, pls vote for my idea? https://www.quirky.com/invent/#1060201/action/vote/query/sort=trending&categories=all
11 days ago
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Essam Abozid
11 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
Scott Trombetta
13 days ago
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15 days ago
21 days ago
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22 days ago
Cool ideas, Heather. Please check out mine and let me know what you think.
Michael Kloeckner
24 days ago
Congrats, the wine making kit will be huge!
Naomi Adams
24 days ago
David Irish
24 days ago
nice job on the wine kit!
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