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41 minutes ago
Jason Hunter submitted a new idea
Attachment20140418-10587-l7pk0o Beach cooler with a Twist
about 3 hours ago
Jason Hunter added a new name for Mocubo Mini
about 7 hours ago
Jason Hunter replied to a forum topic Community preference counts - allow Voting between two Similar Idea submission links

What I mean by all information is any and all previous submission details. If someone resubmits claiming their idea was first, I would want to know that the details pulled forward are what was previously submitted before placing my opinion on it. I also don't think the issues are cut and dry enough to have a one trick pony system for the community to be able to make that decision. The forums are quite evident of this. (If those threads are still active) IMHO! And what bobbiek said!

about 17 hours ago
Jason Hunter replied to a forum topic He can dig it: ... Sanders

When I see "He can dig it" I say it like Rob Schneider says "you can do it"! :-)
But that's just me, I am sure. :-)

1 day ago
Jason Hunter replied to a forum topic No Influence Council review of my case

I am curious what the copy and paste version says. :)

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Bert Timmer
2 days ago
TU GL ;-) Pizza & Following you
joni rose
5 days ago
Can you follow me?
12 days ago
Roy Johnson
19 days ago
Please follow me so I can send you a message : )
Marc Smith
24 days ago
Marc says thumbs up to Arc. hee hee
Lynn Swords
25 days ago
Thumbs up on your Arc, Jason! :)
Rhonda Mc
26 days ago
Jason my pictures are now up and very disappointed they are so Large it takes away all my features. I did down Sizing and even changed my format and they are still Hugh *ha ha* I better call it a night *LOL
Panos Benos
28 days ago
voted Arc, great idea, best of luck!
28 days ago
Hi :)
about 1 month ago
Voted for the induction crock pot idea. Very nice. Best of luck to you!
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