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Currently a college student I've grown up in a rural area and have come to admire the outdoors. Recently since going to school I have grown to admire the complexities of urban cities and the need to create more sustainable practices. In my spare time I enjoy thinking about how to make our ever day lives better and more interesting.

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Guillaume C
about 1 month ago
My new idea, take a look please  : ComBrush
Ingrid de Hofmann
2 months ago
Hello JL, I saw you gave a review on Pivot power adaptor. Could you check my idea on the OCTOPUS POWER ADAPTOR and see if you like it for having your vote! thanks.
Raman Asati
3 months ago
Great Idea! Please check out mine- please vote if you like it. Thanks in advance.
Joseph Buffington
3 months ago
Almost 2 months into the new year. If you have time, Please take a look at my new Two-Way Thermos Bottle located at let me know if you voted in the Community feedback so I know who to thank for the support
Stitou Soufiane
3 months ago
Please if you have time check out my new invention : .
Ian Murdie
3 months ago
I like your plant pot heater. Please check out my bird table. Let me know if you vote in the props section and I will return the favour:
Louis Beale
3 months ago
Really good idea pretty sure the plants will enjoy being warm on those cold days sitting in front of the windows. Voted and following. Please vote, comment, and follow--Plug Holder/Kitchen Appliances. Thank you
Vinay M
3 months ago
Hello JL, In order to protect our children, wife, friends sitting on pillion seat, here’s my idea of Ear Phone Integrated Helmet, could you please vote if you like my idea. I will appreciate your vote and will return the favour if you leave me a message with your ideas that you want me to vote.Thanks
Emma Whalen
3 months ago
Hi- please check out my idea, Grip. If you vote for it, I'll vote for your "Crock Pot Management" tomorrow!
Robert and Dee SHY
4 months ago
Start with a yep!End in a HOWL! lets all go fishing, with a bud! Again!
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