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28 days ago
Konstantin added a comment to Organizing spring

Good thinking. I personally hate all these little note papers all over my desk. Show them who's the boss ;)

30 days ago
Konstantin submitted a new idea
Attachment20140322-110-rj4tal Blacklight Clip-On for Sponge
about 1 month ago
Konstantin submitted a new idea
Attachment20140321-84-17iu4zb Duster Cleaner Electric Magnet
about 1 month ago
Konstantin added a new tagline for Revive
Refresh and Maintain
about 1 month ago
Konstantin added a new tagline for Revive
Wash it Lush
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Belinda Elkaim
3 days ago
Please check out my new idea for the DIY beauty challenge. Thanks!
Aleksandar Milovanovski
10 days ago
hi can you look at my new idea https://www.quirky.com/invent/1057751/action/vote/query/sort=trending&categories=all
Christopher Didio
12 days ago
Konstantin , Can you check out my latest idea. Looking for support and input. Thanks
Essam Abozid
12 days ago
Hi can you please review my new idea / watch the video Trac blinds thank you
Ken Lightburn
22 days ago
Hey Konstantin, Ken here. Reallly like the Sensor idea so I gave you my thumb up..hope it goes through. Please take the time to see if my idea 'Fridge Recipe Tablet' is worthy of your vote. Thanks
23 days ago
Hi Quirky colleague!! Did you ever see a Bucket with a storage space, a hole in the underside of the Bucket…and there is no leak!! Come and look, see it for yourself!!
23 days ago
Hello my Quirky Friend, Please checkout Stackable Cloths Hanger Tags now with my first new video and a unique product Steam Mop and Vacuum Combo . Do let me know you feedback, suggestions. As always, appreciate your support and encouragement.
Anup Kaushal
23 days ago
Please check out my new 4 in 1 Nail Care Tool... https://www.quirky.com/invent/1021383/action/vote/query/sort=trending&categories=all
Ryan Hardin
24 days ago
Hello Konstantin, Please check out my resubmitted idea: attachable solar powered mailbox numbers, Thanks Ryan
Lopper and Saw Combo
25 days ago
Please check out "Corn Steamer With Butter Dipper" & VOTE. Thank You.
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