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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”


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1 day ago
MarcR added a comment to "AUTO BUG"

I could have used one of these the other day. TU!

1 day ago
MarcR added a comment to The Iron Mate

As Alissa said, if it can fit all irons, it seems like it would be a great idea. TU, Good luck.

1 day ago
MarcR replied to a forum topic Idea screening is now live - What you need to know

Hey Marc,
I may not be right but a possible reason it didn't get picked may be that you show 4 ways to make cat litter at home at almost no cost and there are several life hack solutions as well that work by using a cheap paper shredder. With that being the case maybe the thinking is if someone was going to go thru the process to save money and be green why would they invest in what would more than likely be a costly product? I realize a machine will automate and speed the process but my take is anyone willing to go this green route would be willing to do it themselves for as little cost as possible. Like I said, I may be wrong but it's one possibility.

Maybe take it to Edison Nation, they currently have a specialized cat product search going on. Good luck either way.

3 days ago
MarcR added a comment to Follow Fido GPS

What stops the dog from actually leaving the yard and being 2 miles away before you even realize your phone was on silent mode? Do you have to train your dog not to leave these specified zones? If so, then why the need for the collar if you are training him anyway? What alerts him that his enemy or friend is coming? How does a GPS collar determine the enemy, if the arch enemy isn't wearing a similarly linked device?

I use the TAGG Tracker and it uses GPS and I can set multiple defined areas but even the TAGG can only zoom down to an area about the size of 2-3 football fields, not just a small backyard so even if my dog got out I wouldn't get a warning until he hit the edge of the furthest point of the zone. How do you propose to crop in closer if TAGG can't.

I have nothing against your idea as I want all dogs safe but I would like to know more about it. Thanks.

3 days ago
MarcR replied to a forum topic Broadcasting LIVE from WQRK!..........It's EvalLive for 4/17/14 A.K.A. NAME THAT TUNE!

Too many actually, hahaha. But thanks anyway!

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Roy Johnson
about 14 hours ago
Happy Easter Marc!
Rhonda Mc
about 15 hours ago
Have a Blessed and Happy Easter
Paulette Blankenship
about 16 hours ago
Happy Easter!
2 days ago
Thanks Marc! Have a great weekend!!!
3 days ago
Bradley Sippl
5 days ago
Thank you for the props and your contribution to the IC. Great job.
Roy Johnson
5 days ago
Thanks Marc for your kind words! I couldn't be happier with what Q has turned it into, it's a near work of art!
Rebecca McGuire
6 days ago
Marc, I am new to this. I really want to buy your VINE product. Is it available in stores? If so, where can I purchse it? Love the idea!
joni rose
6 days ago
Marc - just read your post about your loss - what a rough week for you, take care.
joni rose
7 days ago
Thank you for your work on the IC. I appreciate that it isn't easy and that you are volunteering.
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