Ohio Joined January 10, 2011

Love life, my family and my friends! I really enjoy the Quirky community!


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S Gene
10 days ago
Please check out and vote for BACK UP, a device that has the potential to save many lives! Thanks!
about 1 month ago
Thumbs Up!
Andre Nusta
3 months ago
please look at my ideas of ''nustaband'' and ''bottom complete''
Think Tank
3 months ago
Happy New Year! We can create something useful for the community. EasyCam phone case for IPHONE! Regards
Dominique  Brown
Dominique Brown
4 months ago
You seem to have an eye for great inventions! I would love for you to check out my idea. Please have a look at my Fidget Feature Sensory Jacket. If you like it I would love your vote!
Rick Rice
5 months ago
keep up the good work I need some help my self when you get the time, all in one folding chair , back pack ice cooler , easy move fold up swing set, T and D shovel handle ,a panic sensitive life jacket ,smart tracking ceiling lights, smart ceiling lights thanks
Somya Mishra
Somya Mishra
5 months ago
Hi, Can you review Power Pill (, and vote for it, if you like it.
Mitko Ivanov
6 months ago
TU! Good Luck Megster!
Torri Williams
6 months ago
I voted for your idea! I would appreciate your feedback and support on my Stay Dry.
Frank Billingsley
6 months ago
Nice idea, Voted! see my idea, Good luck
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