Michael Mattox

Battle Ground, Washington Joined May 19, 2009

Born in Washington State; Lived and worked in WA, OR, AK, AZ, and Mexico. My career focused on lean manufacturing as a financial analyst for a custom wood treating plant, a custom sport fishing rod manufacturer and finally for Chamberlain garage door openers known to most by the Sears Craftsman and Lowes brands. I enjoy learning about how things get made and how to make them better more efficiently and cost-friendly. I am now a small business owner and doing my own thing. :)

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Dave Scheina
5 days ago
Hi Michael, if Bobble Bone falls through with Q. and you're interested in possibly doing an infomercial, at no cost to you FYI, you can contact me at scheinad@gmail.com. I have contacts in the DRTV industry and this would be great!
7 days ago
Hello, Please check my idea and vote, support,comment. Kids Fun Climber Apple
9 days ago
Whew, I am relieved that Sudsi still lives. Best wishes.
Alexandra Spegel
10 days ago
new idea i think youll like it!:)
Troy Zam
13 days ago
If your looking around for good ideas to vote on Or give feedback, i would appreciate if you stopped by to see my latest 6 ideas (well thought out ideas with pics). I'm running low on time (2 days left), so i 'm trying to get the word out for any last feedback. Thanks!
LePoint Sur-Le-i
20 days ago
Hey Make sure you check my idea and let me know what you think, if you like it give a Thumbs up. https://www.quirky.com/invent/1012134/action/vote/query/sort=trending&categories=all I Love Quirky
Lee Grant
22 days ago
please help me make my idea a success, please check my pool screen idea and vote if you like
Berke Bektas
24 days ago
Hey there! Please be sure to check out my ideas (Notably Pivot Power String and Spoon-Fork). Regards, Berke :)
Jehovy Santiago
26 days ago
Awesome idea, Thumbs up :D.
Frank Billingsley
27 days ago
Greetings Michael I Voted for your idea. I wish you the best with your idea.
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