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Canton, GA Joined March 01, 2010

Originally from California and moved to Georgia for college and never left.


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2 days ago
Michael Taylor added a new tagline for Modular RC car kit
Wheel and Squeal
2 days ago
Michael Taylor added a new name for Modular RC car kit
24 days ago
Michael Taylor replied to a forum topic AROS...The 100 Million Ribbongate

Columbo, I had the same issues with my SIMILAR to Squeak. I contacted them immediately after it was chosen saying it was similar to my submission they discarded less than 2 months prior.

I was told it was all about timing and that there was retail interest in it now when this other idea was live.

Mine was actually reviewed by the staff for the Rachael Ray brief and they dismissed it saying it wasn't a big enough problem or market to push it forward. The team that submitted Squeak (TWO of the team members saw and commented on my original idea) essentially added a squeegee on their version. This is something that could have easily come up in the design phase and isn't all that unique (ever used a windshield cleaner at the gas station?).

Somehow this addition of a squeegee to my original design now increased the size of both the problem and the market...REALLY? I went back and forth with Quirky about this only to be shut down completely well before the product launched.

I would have resubmitted my idea if I thought I could work around Quirky's reasoning for not selecting it in the first place, but how is one supposed to redesign an idea to INCREASE a problem and market size? Oh, yea...ADD A SQUEEGEE! I should have known!

about 1 month ago
Michael Taylor replied to a forum topic If you can't win here, maybe go to Quirky France?

I thought we weren't allowed to participate on the Quirky France site if we had an account on this site.

about 1 month ago
Michael Taylor replied to a forum topic The applications are in! Our volunteers are...

What is this all about? I missed the Town Hall and haven't had a chance to watch it on ustream.

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Rambod Dargahi
about 4 hours ago
Hey, could you please take a look at my survey? I really appreciate that! http://bauer.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8pPxLHjtDyvFAkB
5 days ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ https://www.quirky.com/invent/1061289/action/vote/query/sort=trending&categories=all Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
about 1 month ago
Hi :)
jason shane
about 1 month ago
Great idea, I will take 5 of them once on market. I am always paranoid when on the road and worried about a broken pipe or leak at my home.
Peggy Arndt
2 months ago
Like your outlet idea, voted, good luck!
brenda cole
2 months ago
Good luck tonight Michael!
2 months ago
Please to be voting for my ideas? ;)
Chupa Lo
2 months ago
MT - follow me briefly so I may send you a private message. Thanks
Eddy Comdo
3 months ago
James Herbolt
3 months ago
Great Ideas man. Good Luck.
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