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We are a brother-brother team from Manhattan. Michael's 30 and currently earning his Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt in Brooklyn; his professional background is in the entertainment industry. My name is Jono and I'm 27 – currently a graduate student at Harvard Business School, working towards my MBA. Michael’s experience is in designing, developing and marketing physical products, while mine is in business and tech entrepreneurship. I just launched a new online gift buying website @ which is designed to help people find and buy unique gifts. giftplum proudly features many Quirky products as a “social sales” affiliate!


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about 1 year ago
Schafler Brothers replied to a forum topic Scroll (Smart Shade) - Official Thread

@Stephen: We agree, this is part of the opportunity for automation "magic." Shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate that feature into the app.

about 1 year ago
Schafler Brothers replied to a forum topic Scroll (Smart Shade) - Official Thread

@ Brenda: Perhaps a good idea to engineer a detachable plastic housing? Sell common colors as after market accessories. To the extent Scroll can "disappear" into the window frame, that would be ideal. PS, 17 windows in the kitchen -- you're living every HGTV fanatic's dream :-)

about 1 year ago
Schafler Brothers replied to a forum topic Scroll (Smart Shade) - Official Thread

@Thomas Latta: Perhaps it would be helpful to see a picture of your window frame, so that the Quirky designers & engineers can think about accommodating that set up with the Scroll mounting kit. Would you mind uploading A photograph to this thread? Happy Sunday, All the best!

about 1 year ago
Schafler Brothers replied to a forum topic Scroll (Smart Shade) - Official Thread

@Bobbie K: absolutely critical that safety be at the forefront of the design and engineering processes. We feel highly confident that quirky will implement the necessary safeguards against entanglement and other dangers. Of course, they must do so to satisfy the CPSC as well as to uphold the companies well articulated-values. Safety engineering is not our area of expertise, however we welcome any and all input around the specific risks and potential solutions. Thank you again for raising this important topic.

about 1 year ago
Schafler Brothers replied to a forum topic Scroll (Smart Shade) - Official Thread

We’re so excited to see such a thoughtful discussion regarding the development of Scroll and we’re really looking forward to seeing where things go from here. The community is bringing up some great topics that we’d love to weigh-in on from our perspective.

@fluffycloud: You suggest that the motor should be mounted at the top of the window box, directly on the blind unit rather than driving the chain. The window treatment market is actually filled with designs like that, however, they require replacing the entire roller unit; this is costly and not a typically a DIY installation.

@engjell Hasa: We designed a solution to address a very common type of shade. We have some ideas of how the existing Scroll design could potentially be adapted to accommodate pull type blinds as well as other models. We’ll looking forward to sharing those ideas with you and the community in the near future.

@ Idris Mokhtarzada: The variations in chain size and composition (i.e. stopper balls, connection links, etc.) certainly presents a valid engineering challenge. The good news is, the chains are extremely simple to cut with a standard pliers (and even scissors sometimes) and it would be very simple to include a simple and inexpensive hardware replacement kit that would quickly allow the user to remove the non-uniform chain parts and replace them with a connection link that would be compatible with Scroll. Another solution is to design the drive wheel so it could be stepped with an inner channel that would accommodate thinner chain balls while the outer section could handle the thicker ones. Sketches/renderings to come on this idea.

@ Farlow: A motor with sufficient torque is a key component of the design. As some people have mentioned, gearing can provide quite a lot of torque from a small motor. Commercially available gear motors are basically just a standard motor with a built in gearbox and virtually any ratio is available without the need for custom manufacturing.

Look forward to continuing the thread and sharing some of our ideas visually soon.

The Schafler Brothers

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James Kelly
about 1 month ago
Hi S. Bros. Just submitted my first idea! Take a look please and give me a
CharlieBrown Kim
about 1 month ago
Please have a look at my's bell killer :)
oscar johnson
3 months ago
Hi can you check my idea
3 months ago
Thumbs Up!
zach gordon
3 months ago
very excited for this to come out. I have been looking for way to make my blinds automated but didnt want to tear them apart
3 months ago
I cant wait for the Scroll - Any good news about it ?
jongsoo kim
4 months ago
I submitted thre ideas. I appreciate if you take a look at them. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
Dominic Woods
5 months ago
Exactly what I need for my gf who always has me open blinds befor we goes to bed., so she dont over sleep. Unknowingly to her it wakes me up everyday, but being the great bf I am, I've never told her about this. So thank you for your device, that btw I will be buying her!
7 months ago
Please check out my new idea.
Rubin Jung
8 months ago
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