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Therapist and Mom. I love brainstorming, exploring and reading. **** My quirks**** I change nicknames for people and pets I love almost every week. I drink raw milk. I lucid dream. I like saying the word "soup".

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18 days ago
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Attachment20150407-13526-1wlnml5 Motivational Headphones
3 months ago
Pushkin replied to a forum topic Wearable Technology

Oh well........


3 months ago
Pushkin replied to a forum topic OK, how many members actually visit this forum. Only one entry per.

I visit and contribute when I can!

3 months ago
Pushkin replied to a forum topic Wearable Technology

Maybe Quirky could revisit Navigo....

3 months ago
Pushkin replied to a forum topic Ask Me (Almost) Anything

Yes, I do lucid dream! I learned how when I was a kid being chased by a monster. In the dream, I was unable to get away and I was terrified. My mind was grasping for anything to take me away from the pursuing monster, and it occured to me that this was a dream and I shouldn't be scared because it wasn't real.

Ever since then, I have lucid dreamed on and off. On the up cycle, I lucid dream almost every night for a about a week. The.n it tapers off and starts again. The most helpful tip I can give is make it a habit to look at your hand thought the day and ask yourself if you are dreaming? The theory is, when you get into the habit, you will be likely to remember to look at your hand while dreaming and notice the strangeness of you dreaming hand (it's usually wavy looking....like not totally physical) and know you are not in waking life, but Ina dream. Then, you can take it from there.

I have some wild WILD stories about my lucid dreaming adventures. It's mostly fun but can be useful in certain contexts.

Thanks for asking!

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Esguerra Walter
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