Steve Murrie

Union, MO Joined August 16, 2011

I am retired middle school science teacher (34 years). Currently, I am writing children's non-fiction books with my son. We have had 4 book published by Scholastic and one by Adam's Media. I have developed an Apple app "UV Detector" with the help of Appswell. I have developed two science products for Science Kit and Boreal Labs and currently working on 4 products with them.

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Lee Acevedo
about 1 month ago
Hi Steve please check out my updated video for ERF I just resubmitted my idea and hopefully this video is much more informative than before. Thank you for your support any feedback is appreciated.
재헌 정
about 1 month ago
Please, If you haven't already check out my idea and vote for it if you like it https://www.quirky.com/invent/948586/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all . Thanks for your support and happy quirkin.
3 months ago
If you have time please let me know what you think of my new idea
Fin K
4 months ago
Hi Steve - I am following you and I would greatly appreciate if you would please take a look at and Vote or Critique : http://www.quirky.com/invent/815255/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all
Arnel Adaoag
4 months ago
Hi Please check out my Grocery Pantry Tracker http://www.quirky.com/invent/788387/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all and vote if you like it. Don't forget to leave me a message here or in community if you voted so I can be sure to return the favor. Let's help each other and get these useful products out to those who need it. Thanks and good luck! :D
Fin L
5 months ago
Hi Steve - I would greatly appreciate if you would please take a look at http://www.quirky.com/invent/767090/action/vote/query/sort=ending_soon&categories=all and vote or critique. If I can help you let me know! Thank you for your time. Best regards, Prasad
5 months ago
Please give me your opinion regarding this product thank you, http://www.quirky.com/ideations/735381
Ronald Carter
6 months ago
Thank you Steve for following me!
6 months ago
Thanks for following Steve! Good luck in all you do!
6 months ago
Thanks for the follow....Happy Quirky....If you have time check out my latest idea...Thanks again and Good Luck
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