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about 13 hours ago
UNO replied to a forum topic What Are You Guys Buying

Mocubo, the cutting board and Grip grater are decent. The cutting board is nice but the drawers never see the light of day. The grater was well designed from the start by the original designer, the submitter, plus the quality is decent. Totem the stackable cups are also decent and get used often especially during the warmer months. They hold up much better than the cheap acrylic glasses that last maybe a year, if you're lucky and don't crack in the dishwasher like acrylic does. It looks like they have dropped the ball on two of the three though since grip grater looks to be d/c now and totem looks like it will be shortly because it's on the "last chance" page.

1 day ago
UNO added a comment to SUN SPOTS

This is why I never went any further with the exact same idea and even the same name about 20 years ago. This is pretty much the norm for most states as well.

1 day ago
UNO added a comment to Vibrant Green

I like the lighter colors of green, yellow and cool grey since most times I eat popcorn it's dark and if this is set on the floor it's easy to find and won't get kicked over because someone doesn't see it as much as a light bright color.

1 day ago
UNO replied to a forum topic can't add new names to the mocubu minirenaming? says already entered max when I try

I entered three earlier so I think only those that have not done names yet can enter them.

3 days ago
UNO added a new tagline for Modular RC car kit
One Car Many Forms
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14 days ago
Thanks for all your help Uno
about 1 month ago
Hi :)
Kenneth Pease
about 1 month ago
Continued Success! Now following
truman McGeorge
about 1 month ago
hi, Uno your probably the only person that knew about Quirky in 2009. Please check out my " tools for arthritc hands." only 30 votes to go. Thank YOu.
Daedrea Osbourne
2 months ago
Happy Valentine's Day :)
John James Velasco
2 months ago
UNO, Thanks! Slowly sinking in! Is there a 'Crown' involved? Coronation? :) Thanks for the kind prop, :)
Lorin Ryle
2 months ago
Hi Uno :)
mimi z
3 months ago
Very impressive UNO! May I be honored with your follow... Thank you! :-)
Sharon Kral
3 months ago
Stopping by to say hello, Uno. Have a good week!
Evonne Wilks
3 months ago
Happy New Years to you also, so good to here from you :-)
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