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7 months ago
Adam Suhy added a new tagline for Squish
Can do!
7 months ago
Adam Suhy added a new tagline for Squish
You can grow
7 months ago
Adam Suhy added a new tagline for Squish
Yes you can!
8 months ago
Adam Suhy replied to a forum topic Nibble

Congratulations to the influencers.

I am curious, as I had not been paying attention to this since the original design (the part where you can cut off the taste). Does the mini-cake bake at the same rate as the rest of the cake? Or is the point more for the flavor than the done-ness?
I would assume it would cook faster since it is much smaller and shallower. I am interested in buying if it is an accurate predictor for the rest of the cake.

8 months ago
Adam Suhy added a new name for Yapper
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Kenny Campbell
4 months ago
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Heather A
7 months ago
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