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THIS IS A PIMP FREE ZONE!!! PLEASE DONT PIMP IN MY PROPS....MY MOTHER WILL NOT APPROVE I grew up in South Africa.I now live in the USA with my hubby. We own a small carpentry business. He installs doors and I run the office. Our work comes in ebbs and flows so Quirky is my happy outlet. My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and Entourage. Best movies....James Bond, indiana jones, transformers,iron man....anything with super heroes I'm obsessed with robots Things i cant live dog, Coffee, electronica music, skype (so i can speak to my family) yoga, dancing, biking, the beach, hot weather I love my husband because of his ability to make me laugh regardless of how tough things are in our lives :) I'm also a member of TeamLab and love my team members



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about 1 month ago
Barbra Winston replied to a forum topic Applying for International Tax Number. Need help? anyone?

Marque....what r acceptance agents and how do i track one down in my area for my mom.....thanks

about 1 month ago
Barbra Winston replied to a forum topic And the Influence Council includes...

Great job! Its going to be hard work, so thank u for stepping up to the challenge

about 1 month ago
Barbra Winston replied to a forum topic Money or Influence's much better to know that the work I'm doing now could pay off in the future......there's no reward for me with making pennies as payment

about 1 month ago
Barbra Winston added a comment to 2-Way Pet Phone #Austin

Very funny picture

about 1 month ago
Barbra Winston replied to a forum topic Topic About Being Deleted Was Just Deleted

This topic is going to explode in 30 seconds.....

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Paulette Blankenship
13 minutes ago
Happy Easter!
3 days ago
I'm sure once a good idea, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~ Send them a good day ~ ~ Good luck-filled day by day ~ ~ ^ ^
Dave Scheina
7 days ago
Hi Barbra, if Doggie Drinking Spout falls through with Q. and you're interested in possibly doing an infomercial, at no cost to you FYI, you can contact me at I have contacts in the DRTV industry.
Lopper and Saw Combo
10 days ago
Hi. Could you please check out & VOTE for "Lopper & Saw Combo". Thank You.
Vindhyachal KA
13 days ago
Hi, Check out my idea 'Smart Wallet ' and please vote if you like it
alissa beth fox
16 days ago
Good Ideas Barbra. Good Luck
Somya Mishra
17 days ago
Hi inventor...can you review the compact temperature controlled spice rack idea. This is a better spice freshness preserver instead of currently available products. check out the idea at , and vote for it if you like the idea
Eugene Marsh
17 days ago
Hi Barbara, I really like your ideas. Although I did not get a chance to vote on them, i wish you good luck!! If you have a chance, please review my idea for a fully automated baby formula maker. Vote on it or leave a comment for improvement. Thanks.
Mary Silver
22 days ago
I just added a new idea and would love the feedback - detachable smart phone amplifier -
alissa beth fox
23 days ago
Hi Voted for Charger! Please take a look at my Victory when you have a sec
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