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Breaker, Maker, Founder (and CEO) of Quirky. Previously Founder of mophie.

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6 months ago
Ben Kaufman created a new forum topic The Sale Of GE Appliances
I shared this note with our team this morning ---------------- Good Morning Everyone, GE has formally announced the sale of their century old Appliance business to Electrolux. The transaction is expected not to close until next year. I want you to know that this in no way affects our business, plans, or relationship with GE. All of our contracts and commitments come from GE Corporate, specifically to shield us from events like this. GE will continue to be a key partner of ours, and will continue to invest in our community and their inventions. If anything, this transaction increases the importance of our role in shaping the GE brand on a go forward basis. Reach out to me if you have any questions. I have been very close to the process and can answer any concerns you may have. Thanks, Ben ------------ As always, i can be reached at ben @ quirky dot com
8 months ago
Ben Kaufman replied to a forum topic This looks just like Branch! Clever Curtain AS SEEN ON TV Just launched!!!!

I've emailed the CEO of Allstar to find out what is going on.

He's been friendly to Quirky in the past, so i'd find it weird if they were actually behind this. Nonetheless, this will be resolved one way or another.

Charlie is on the case as well!

We'll fight hard to protect you, as always.

8 months ago
Ben Kaufman replied to a forum topic This looks just like Branch! Clever Curtain AS SEEN ON TV Just launched!!!!

guys thanks for the heads up we are all over this

9 months ago
Ben Kaufman replied to a forum topic Ben, How Does the Community Know it is Valued?

Clinton, i promise you all of the above is the case... but will become even more so (and fully transparent) by the end of this year.

If not, you have full right to poop on me incessantly.

9 months ago
Ben Kaufman replied to a forum topic Ben want some great publicity? I challenge you to a boxing match.

sure, post your address. Just can't promise what will show up.

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Philip Andrews
Philip Andrews
about 17 hours ago
Hi Ben, what is going on with the Aros return debits from our accounts.?
about 20 hours ago
Hey, Go check my ideas! They went live.! I Will love your support to take them to the next step.
1 day ago
Thumbs UP!
Kevin Pyne
4 days ago
greetings Ben
8 days ago
Hi! My idea just "went live" today. It's called the "Send Help Strobe." I hope you'll look at it and give me your feedback. Thanks, --Katy
15 days ago
Thursday’s 2.12.15 “Quirky Live” shows how doltish and amateurish the employees at Quirky are including you Ben. Oh I’m sorry, Quirky employees don’t know the meaning of DOLTISH. LET’S SEE HOW EDUCATED YOU ARE, LOOK IT UP IF YOU KNOW HOW. I can understand how Quirky fails at developing new products. I found Thursday’s 2.12.15 Quirky Live to be offensive and abusive. Where does Quirky come off making fun of an invention and the inventor? Everyone in attendance at the Quirky Live should be ashamed of themselves. Do you know who was funny? Review the comments made during the chat.
Franklin Maldonado
20 days ago
Hello Ben... It will mean a lot to me if you can check out my Smart Book Reader.
Takeisha thompson
22 days ago
Hey, please take a look at the Smeater! Thanks.
about 1 month ago
Hey Ben, Checkout "Reach" It may be the next Pivot Power!
about 1 month ago
Hello Ben! Please take a look at my ideas. Thanks for your time.
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