Bill Lee

NYC Joined May 18, 2012

I live for this Quirky stuff!


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Mary Kisko
3 months ago
Please review my MASSAGE ENVY idea. I only need #48 votes. Only vote if you like the idea. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Kenny Campbell
3 months ago
Hi, my name is Kenny Campbell, and I am a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I am new to Quirky and was wondering if you could check out my idea Gift Box Games or at least follow me. I am trying to promote sustainability and environmentalism through my ideas on Quirky. Thanks a lot, Kenny.
Nelson Walsh
4 months ago
Hi, I love your idea. Can you please look at and hopefully vote for my Pop Cup
8 months ago
Hi Bill, it's good to connect with you. Please come see & vote for my newest idea, Real Money Tree. I'll vote for your ideas too !
Vanessa Lemos
11 months ago
Hello I have a project that a lot of people are talking about the Quirky could not invest due to be a furniture, but I believe it is a good investment and something that does not exist in the market. I would like an answer from you regarding ideas to invest in a this dimension, or if you could indicate another type of investor or if I should patenting the project? I really like the concept of Quirky and you have performed a similar project ( so I still believe it is possible. Thank you and I'll be waiting for an answer Thank you, Vanessa
Jonathan Taylor
11 months ago
since Anna has fans, I would like to be Billfan01. Thanks for keepin' it real. If I am ever in NYC, I would llove to buy you a.....redbull, i'll buy me a beer.
me. v
11 months ago
Hi Bill, Keep up the Awesome job at Q. I always look forward to listening to your comments. You are definitely insightful and sooo funny!!
Dana ODell
11 months ago
I would love your thoughts on my Dry Erase Eraser idea:
about 1 year ago
Good luck in all you do!! Have an amazing day!!!
Richard Chapman
over 1 year ago
Hey bill love hearing your comments on the Live product Eval. If you have time can you check out my idea thank you
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