My Father’s Gallery of Regrettable Inventions: Disposable Stapler

Posted ago by Steven

We may be reinventing the stapler together, but it turns out that the current Quirky undertaking is hardly the first quantum leap forward in the history of the stapler.

But first, to catch you up: My late father delighted in collecting bad inventions. More than 15 years after his death, after I started working at Quirky, my mother unearthed his collection. Now, I’m sharing his finest specimens with you. We previously covered the Phone-Eze and the Cab Catcher. Today, we have something very special.

Have you ever thought, when refilling your stapler: “I wish I didn’t have to refill my stapler. Why can’t staplers be disposable? I’d rather just start a new stapler every time I use up all the staples in a stapler.” The people at Alco Products, Inc., felt strongly enough about the matter to do something about it.

If you come by Quirky, you are welcome to wander by my desk and borrow the Disposable Stapler. If you happen to use the 120th staple, don’t worry: just throw it out.

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I like the oxymoron packaging. Disposable stapler, lifetime guarantee.
Paulette Jaques
Baron! You are so cute! LOL! I'm diggin the shirt!
Paulette Jaques
Baron! You are so cute! LOL I am diggin the shirt!
It had a lifetime guarantee... wonder if that applied after you used the 120th staple?
Paulette Jaques
Baron! You looks so cute! Love the shirt!
Mina Cohen
THAT is very funny. Love the look on your face the picture too, haha.
Mina Cohen
THAT is funny! Keep posting these!
and it has a lifetime guarantee!
I wonder if the lifetime guarantee extends past the use of the 120th staple?
Glad this didn't go far to add to our society of waste legend.
Dale Taylor
"lifetime guarantee" for a disposable stapler!
Eric Noe
Hmmm....a disposable stapler with a lifetime guarantee. notsureifserious.jpg
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Momatthecape Kim Rumberger
Lifetime guarantee????
wayne davies
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