Bizarre Uses for Quirky Products: TravelStacks

Posted ago by Baron

As one of the first Quirky products to hit store shelves, TravelStacks has been a champion of cup-holder storage for close to two years now: a certified classic in the automobile department. However, if you decide that your car’s storage situation is under control, why not repurpose it as a lunch box instead?

Sure, the minimal base means you’ll need one doozy of a beverage to keep it upright (maybe Crush? Buffalo Rock?), and the storage space leaves something to be desired, but that’s a small price to pay for timeless Japanese design. Just squeeze in your son’s grilled cheese, pack in as many Chips Ahoy as you can fit (probably two), and you can send your little samurai to school knowing that you gave a hard-working product a second chance.

Plus, if you bring it in your car, you’ll know right where to put it.

Have your own idea for a wacky (or perhaps not so wacky) alternate use for a Quirky product? Send them to us at, or post them in the comments below!

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Anthony Somes
Why not use it for office supplies at your desk
Good thing you found a use for it. Its obviously not selling.
Elizabeth Wingfield
I can see it at the movie theater.
Elizabeth Wingfield
you could also engineer a bottom piece and a locking top and have a pretty sweet bento style lunch box.
Stroller snacks!!!
Booster seats: Children can store their snacks. They can also use it for toys or for storage for activities done in the backseat.
Secure it to a wheelchair!
Looks like a beach/pool caddy to me. Put your bottle of sunscreen in the cupholder. Keys in one compartment. ID in the other. At beach bury the cupholder in sand. At the pool, use the chair with the cupholder. Or maybe use as a sprouter for gourmet weed I mean seeds. Seeds in each compartment, spritz bottle in cupholder.
Great idea! Is it food-safe plastic?
Tim Hayes
An area for protein powder, and snacks for post or pre workout , put powder in bottle of water for protein shake.
william walker
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