Introducing: Apple Accessories, Our First Vertical

Posted ago by Ben Kaufman

Today, Quirky plans to show the world just what our invention machine can do.

Since 2009, we’ve evaluated products through a single, generalized process. This structure worked great within a smaller community and company, but as our membership has grown into the hundreds of thousands and our capabilities have expanded, the need for a more focused system has become clear.

Last week, in the midst of all that press coverage, I promised that we would improve our community engagement, the quality of our content, and the pace at which we operate, via the introduction of vertical categories and communities. It’s happening.

When deciding which product verticals to launch first, we used one simple measure: which categories of consumer interest have the most compelling online communities that can power their own invention machines? From experience, I can say with great conviction that the world of Apple is home to some of the most aggressive, passionate, tenacious and super-knowledgeable community members around.

So, beginning today, we are committing to launch one brand new accessory product per week, with the help of Apple fans around the world. Beyond that, we will work to produce compelling content, and great tools that Apple folks can use to hang out and talk about their favorite products and dream accessories.

Which brings us to this: Now that the iPhone 5 specs have dropped, the old accessories won’t work with the new iPhone. So we’re going to invent new accessories — right now. It’s going to be a crazy, round-the-clock invention push, and 72 hours from now our first products will be ready to go into production. Seriously, this is how we roll at Quirky.

Here’s how the rest of the week will play out:

- Starting now, ideas can be submitted to the new Apple Accessories category for free.

- Tomorrow at 7pm ET, we’ll be holding a special Eval to choose the Accessories we’ll be developing.

- Immediately following Eval, we’ll begin an all-night design event and keep designing until we have products ready to go on Friday night.

The launch of this project (and specifically the events that close out this week) is a bit of a throwback for me, having first run a live 24-hour product design sprint at mophie after a Steve Jobs keynote in September 2006, and another shortly after the launch of Quirky in September 2009 (see PowerCurl). These events produce great products, and are amazingly inspirational to watch.

We’re thrilled that our good friends at Fab have agreed to partner with us to launch this category and our first few products on their site. They’re awesome, aren’t they?

Today marks the beginning of the deployment of our first new invention machine. It’s yours, Apple people. Treat it well.

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Elizabeth Wingfield
Whoa! Does this mean no regular Eval this week then? Should be interesting. Will it have it's own place in the Submission Scroll? Or will it be mixed in with the other stuff?
Nathaniel Padgett
We will have regular Eval and a special Eval just for these products. There is a separate tab called "Apple Accessories", but they are also mixed in with the "Newest" submissions.
Just ran into the 3 submissions per day limit. Grrrr
Kodi Fletcher
This is awesome!! I love how Quirky is so innovative!
Thanks Q for being so out front and out of the box
diane post
diane post
It would be wonderful if someone developed a case or a sleeve that was a portable in that could charge your iphone without having to plug into anything. Just pop your iphone in and walla, instant charge station.
Janet Wilpan
Could there be separate votes for this category??
Three thumbs up! (don't ask me how)
Debra Courtenay
Awesome! Another great example of how Quirky makes Invention Accessible to EVERYONE! Thanks Quirky...
Nathaniel Padgett
@Janet - at this time there are no plans to have separate votes for the Apple vertical.
Very cool vertical contest! And a great day to launch it with all the Apple excitement in the air!
Kim Nguyen
Love it! How fun!
Altair Costa Jr
Hi, please take a look at this magnetic iphone dock. Regards, Altair (Sao Paulo-Brazil).
Evonne Wilks
:AWESOME!!! :))
Hi Nathaniel, I submitted an idea about 2 days ago that would be perfect for this contest! I think it's quite unique and easily accomplished for the Iphone 5. Can you advise me on the best way to get that idea into this contest? Thanks for your help :)
Amir Richardson
Wow this is it... Wish everyone a good luck
Just to clarify: this is going on EVERY WEEK from now on? I.e. - "we are committing to launch one brand new accessory product per week". So if we can't get something submitted by tomorrow there will be other chances going forward?
Jackie Stone
i submitted my product-- and when to edit some and the category changed-- now i can't get it back to apple accessories. HELP!! It is a case for iphone with a "hoodie" so you can see the screen in the sun!
Jackie Stone
submitted my product-- and when i went to edit some of the information, the category changed-- now i can't get it back to apple accessories. HELP!! It is a case for iphone with a "hoodie" so you can see the screen in the sun!
Paul Kendall
it's free to enter brings out the best in people... fast turn around sifts out over thinking the idea. love it
Brittany Iosua
check out my idea, its an old school rotary style iPhone dock that you can use as a home phone.
Leonid Zaytsev
Will you guys be looking at other Q product categories as well? I ask because it seems people are limited to 3 submission per day for the apple section?
Baron Nagy
@TnT: You can repost the idea to the Apple Accessories vertical, as submissions are free, or email to hav the Tech team make the switch for you! @Robert: While this Quick & Quirky design-a-thon is a one-time event, the Apple Accessories vertical is here to stay, and will feature its own separate evaluation process that pumps out one new product a week, on top of our normal 2 launches. @Leonid: We'll be holding a regular Eval for non-Apple-related submissions at 4pm ET today, so no worries on that front!
Alex On Q
This got me so excited! Came up with something immediately. I really appreciate the whole nature and intent of this company, it's highly motivating. Thank you! (please check if you have time) It's every a student with an iPad or iPad mini could possible need.
it's great! :) Quirky initiative will help the development of products from Apple. And strengthen the position company Apple in the world and the U.S. market. Thanks Quirky!
Jennifer G
How does Quirky plan to market the MiQ?
william walker
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