We Said That We Would Develop an iPhone 5 Accessory Line in 24 Hours…

Posted ago by Baron

Here it is:

Stick-On iPhone Wallet, submitted by Don Darnell: A billfold wallet that adheres to the back of your phone, keeping your necessary cards and documents close at hand.

Kickstand/Carabiner Case, submitted by Jennifer Jedlicka: Prop up your iPhone 5, or let it hang.

iPhone Dock & Holder, submitted by Kevin Collins: A beautiful and functional way to display and charge your iPhone 5. The cube holds your phone high, and manages your cables in style.

iPhone Pro Camera Housing, submitted by Denny Fong: The iPhone 5 has an awesome camera, but the ergonomics of handling it leave something to be desired. This housing gives your iPhone 5 the form factor of a real camera, so you can shoot like a pro.

Cable/Earbuds Holder, submitted by Blaine Warkentine: A two-in-one solution for everybody’s two iPhone travel essentials: a charger and earbuds. This attachment adds cord management to your power adapter. Say goodbye to tangled wires in your bag.

Vehicle Dock, submitted by Mary Lavallee and Carl-Erik Tornqvist: Mount an iPhone 5 in any vehicle (car, bicycle, motorcycle, helicopter…) in any orientation, enabling turn-by-turn navigation, video and more.

Brushed Aluminum and Anodized Color Cases, submitted by Laura Doty: An ultra-slim, minimalist iPhone 5 case that dwells on the beauty of brushed aluminum.

Elastic Band Case, submitted by Richard Moreen: A case with a mesh overlay of elastic bands that securely straps any personal accessory to your iPhone 5.

Pegboard Case with Modular Accessories, submitted by Allison Riesgaard: A highly customizable case, this design uses a pegboard-style matrix of holes to host panels in a wide variety of colors and materials, creating a custom look all your own for your iPhone 5.

Corner Guard Case, submitted by Michael Pearson: The shoulderless blouse of iPhone 5 cases. This design covers the corners and has a clear back, so as not to conceal your best iPhone 5 assets.

iPhone Case Inspired by Ray & Charles Eames, submitted by Adam Pruden: A stylized case focusing on the beauty of Mid-Century Modern materials and style.

Modular Battery Case, submitted by Munira Kachwalla: An iPhone 5 case that contains a hot-swappable battery for all-day/all-night power. Includes a USB input for charging and separate charging dock for the extra batteries.

Bumper Stylus Case, submitted by Sonia Covarrubias-Garcia: The striking design for this phone case features a removable capacitive stylus that is seamlessly integrated into the case back.

Earbud/ID Holding Case, submitted by Kati Eïge: A flip-up ID case with a groove around which you can wrap your earbuds, and a central depression for a screen wipe.

Powerloop, submitted by Derek Ohanesian: A wrist lanyard that conceals an iPhone 5 charging cable —Lightning on one end, USB on the other end— to provide the user with accessible charging wherever they go.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project during the last 24 hours: from a 7pm product evaluation to a 7pm product launch, this has been one incredible ride. The Quirky community is still finalizing colors, materials and branding, so these renders are subject to minor change over the next few days. However, a select group of these accessories will be available for pre-order via a special sale on Fab.com, launching on Wednesday, September 19th, so keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox.

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Great Job Guys! (and girls)! Amazing Work in such a short time :) Proud to be on Q.!
Malcolm Lawson
Awesome job Quirky. I look forwards to the next one you do!
Amazing work! Congrats to the Quirky team!
Currently Inactive
Really well done.
The Cash Rhino
Awesome! The fact that this could be done in 24 hours is awesome. Quirky, please do this for other categories! Pet lines, sports lines, hardware lines, kitchen lines, office lines, yard lines etc.
Bobby Antrim
Very Very Impressive!
Yolanda Jackson
Beth Lowgren
These all look so good on such a short deadline. It's impressive enough to do just one in 24 hours but you did 15!!! Beautiful work.
Sharon Marie Arter
This is an auspicious occasion. You are the best! Quirky!
Maria Morrill
Speechless!!! So much talent at Quirky!!
Cody Stowers
Mind = blown. You guys rock!
Mary Lavallee
Awesome job! Super excited that mine was chosen! Even though it was merged with another ideation... Still excited!
Absolutely amazing! Go Quirky!!
Fantastic! And congratulations to all those whose ideas were chosen.
Great job guys and gals. I am so impressed and excited to get my hands on these innovative products :)
Sara Allen
So impressive!!!!!!!!!!
George Scott
Nice render!
Great work everybody!
Peter A. Wachtel
Great job!
Jerry Rubenfeld
I'm really impressed by that silly crowd at eval who can produce such amazing stuff in just hours. Silly Eval / Amazingly Talented People !!!
Unbelievable! Congrats everyone!
Great job everyone!! The Quirky community is amazingly creative...good luck!
Christopher Defiance
They all look amazing, great job!!! Congrats!! And GL
Fantastic stuff. Everything looks amazing. Great job Q! I can't decide which case I want to buy.
Tim Brewer
Great work Quirks, Quirky and everyone else in person or online for making this unbelievably short design challenge a success. Cheerio
alvin marble
MAN!, what a TEAM,super fast amazing work. : )
Claire Davis
Wow! Amazing results! Congrats Quirky!!!
Kelly Battista
Wow!!! Great work!
Steven Shaw
The team includes all of you folks. You came up with the ideas and stayed up all night collaborating with the design team. Don't tell Ben I wish we could do this five nights a week.
Blaine Lambert
Great work guys ,im just not sure if I missed the cmf & pricing
Great work Quirky team and thank you for the exciting experience. I can not wait to see these products live. They look like winners already.
Steven Shaw
CMF phases are scheduled to launch tonight or tomorrow, depending on the product.
Laura Doty
Ooh -- very nice! Way to go, Quirky.
So very cool! After that amazing marathon, all of that hard work is about to pay off! Great job Team Quirky!
Alla Jarquin
Wow!! Absolutely amazing job!
Gary Rudoren
I would like to add my "wow" and "amazing" to the list.
Kati Eige
Amazing amazing I don't know what to say but thank you so so much
Matthew Murrie
You are in a Quirky Zone!!!!
WOW, you guyz are amazing!...Kool
Carol Iverson
Wow!! I am going to be buying several of them when they get produced!
The products look awesome. Definitely eye catching which is the key to this target market. The 24hr blitz was a great learning experience for me and shows everyone Quirky's passion for design.
Way to go team! Thank you Quirky and Quirky community for this opportunity.It was awesome working with you all. :))
Sebastien Lauzon
Great Jobs to the Quirky Team and also the community. Looking forward to see these products soon :)
Michael Cavada
Hey BenK! Steven Shaw said he wished he could do this five nights a week. You may need to start performing drug tests. ;-) Great Job everyone!
J.D. Prado
Awesome job everybody impressive!!!!!
John James Velasco
1,440 minutes. The length of one day. Amazing! Congratulation Ben and all at QHQ! :)
Don Darnell
You gals and guys in Quirkyland Rock! Thanks for making our ideas a reality.
Kodi Fletcher
This is very awesome Quirky! I can't wait to get my hands on a new case!!
Elizabeth Wingfield
Was it all just a dream, or did this really happen? Flashing back to Lost finale.
Michelle Potter
This is great, but does it mean you're doing making iPhone cases for a while? My idea was submitted and got A LOT of comments, votes and views. Maybe not in 24 hours, but I hope it stil has a chance!
Baron Nagy
The Apple accessories category is here to stay: we'll continue taking submissions (albeit they'll only be free to users with a Quirky account), and launch one new product in the category each week. We're moving up to three a week :)
Wow! WE totally rocked it out! And QDS has done a mind-blowing job! All products look amazing! With the iPhone in the Mid Century Modern case, it really looks like the Eames chair (ottoman)!
This was a fantastic event,bang on Target, you guys got the lowes and the highs of a buzz in tech crunch ing night,5 nights a week, i dont know phone support might be a case to consider. :) Great Job Guys lets rock the Globe
Denyveaus Sells
Awesome Work!
Blaine Warkentine
Steven Shaw
Thrifty: Paula and Connie were answering the phones nonstop. Save for a few moments of unconsciousness here or there, we provided awesome phone support from noon Thursday through 5pm Friday.
Andrew Agate
Get some sleep guys. You've definitely earned it. ;-})
Joshua Wright
I'm perpetually amazed at what our team can produce. No company can hang with our cadence, tenacity, and passion. I'm still in shock over what just happened!
Joshua Wright
As for the community, I'm humbled at the level of dedication shown. It's obvious that what we all create together inspires people. We couldn't and wouldn't do any of this without you all. Thank you for everything.
W Stafford
Very creative community effort. It really makes a difference when you have a goal that is specific, clear, and achievable; quirky is a force to be reckoned with...Great job everyone!
Fifteen absolutely amazing new products in 24 hours--totally unprecedented and monumental!! Many great thanks to all the hard working and super talented people that make it all happen!!!
Ermias Kebede
Just Great!
Janet Wilpan
Evolution of awesome products at warp speed!! Great job!!
This is the best of the best of Quirky ~ it all came together for this effort, congrats to all!
Stephen Stewart
This was awesome. Only got the chance to dip in and out so can't wait for the next one!
@ Steven Shaw SEO? :)every little helps as Tesco Would say
Peter Frazier
Great work Quirky hope to see success from this effort:)
Beautifully designed...such great ideas! Congrats to all!
Anthony French
Anthony French
Ha! hen I were a lad.. we'd have to get up before we went to bed..fashion 200 diamond rings from old toilet paper before the sun came up.. wash the floor ready for our dad to come home and empty 18 barrows loads of ox hooves- which we had to shine with oily rags until they were chinese lanterns (swinging from boat that we had made in the tea break that we never got) I dont know.. youngsters today eh.. dont know they're born. (seriously well done you guys- you really pulled off what I thought was gonna be imposs!) well done
Did all that while still getting in a good dance (you know who you are Q staffer), kudos!
nothing like a good jig to get your creativity flowing!
Kyle Dulan
Great job to all involved! Amazing products!
Congratulations all!!!!
june william
That is one amazing achievement for you guys and may be in further inventions you would prove to be more powerful and useful..!!onesies for adults
Carrie Cline
I'm a little disappointed at some of their pics, I think they should've consider ideas cater to both iphone, ipod and ipad rather then just the iphone 5. http://www.quirky.com/ideations/299685
Nice job! I especially like the cable/earbud product. It would be great to have that with an extra long cable, so you can surf the web in bed without having to be right up against an outlet.
I hope some of these cases will be adapted for iphone4 users;)
Eric Ransom
A refreshing take on iPhone Cases. Nice going!
Paul Kendall
Now that's a Wrap!!
Jennifer Newcomb
WOW- people's ingenuity never ceases to amaze. Quirky offers such a great service- letting ANYONE become SOMEONE! Thanks for the great new products!
Frederic Chosson
impressive !
Julie Calderon
Peter Frazier
When will they launch?
Humberto Cosentine
Heather O'Donahoe
Congrats to all Quirksters!
Lollie Weeks
So many great products! Definitely putting the stick-on wallet, camera and dock on my birthday list!
michael rodrigues mota
great job!
Pau Esteve
Sou uns cracks, You are awesome !
Ernesto Tan
Impressive! Great Job Guys! I'm so proud of Quirky's inventive Spirit!!!!
Wayne Swanson
Wayne Swanson
It's so awesome to come up with that many products in such a small time table. So why don't we design our own Quirky Phone or mobile device for us Quirky Creatives?
Quick @ Quirky
Kevin Freese
New iphone 5 cases and accessories at www.kevikev.com
Im going to get an Iphone just so I can have one of these!!!!!
JP Casino
Beware Fab.com - they screwed up my order for one of these awesome cases. The money on my credit card is still on hold with Paypal and all I got was a credit for Fab that there's no way I'm going to use (so they can screw up my next order).
JP Casino
Beware Fab.com - they screwed up my order for one of these awesome cases. The money on my credit card is still on hold with Paypal and all I got was a credit that there's no way I'm going to use (so they can screw up my next order).
Mike Damkalidis
Where can you buy one of these??
Third party iPhone 5 accessories are everywhere now. But iPhone 5 seems is not hot as think.
Ben Owich
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