We’re Working On A Jetpack… But For Now, Here’s Some Hot Chocolate

Posted ago by Baron

For many holiday shoppers, Black Friday is the most important day of the year, which also makes it one of the most stressful. Year after year, the holiday’s hype has grown to the point where midnight line-ups, crushing crowds and department-store brawls are not only common, but business as usual. Now, as a product development company, we appreciate this love of product just as much as the next guy, but we believe that the occasion could do with a few more smiles.

That’s why this year, 20 intrepid Quirky staffers donned very special jetpacks, and ventured out into the fray to distribute hot cocoa and free products to Black Friday linebusters across the tri-state area. Armed with beverage-dispensing jetpacks courtesy of Rocketman Mobile Drink Systems, these whimsical warriors traveled to dozens of Best Buys, Targets, and Toys “R” Us’ across the region, chatting with eager shoppers and offering them a little liquid encouragement (each cup featured a coupon code for a free idea submission to boot). In the words of whoever narrates Law and Order, here are their stories:

Ellen Shapiro, wife of Head of Community Steven Shaw, fills up her jetpack with liquid love before venturing out into the night.

As early as Thursday night, shoppers were lining up outside the Midtown Best Buy in eager anticipation of Black Friday deals.

Quirky Retail’s Lauren Ball pours some chocolaty goodness for shoppers outside of the 59th Street Apple Store.

Retail’s Niki Zdanow and her husband brought a little cheer (and some free Wrapsters) to shoppers outside of the Westbury Target in Long Island.

Suzannah Kerr and Kirsten Booher of the People and Culture team spread cocoa and good cheer across midtown Manhattan.

During their trip to FAO Shwarz, community support rep Paula Rosenberg and designer Julia Troy found out that toy soldiers love hot cocoa too!

Two brand new community members show off their Quirky swag.

Perhaps the most dedicated rocketmen were Ben and Nikki Kaufman themselves, who spent the night hitting up Best Buys across New York state. Here, they share some Quirky love with a few of Santa’s helpers. Perhaps a lucrative business partnership is in store?

Oh, did we mention that we love hot chocolate too?

7-year-old PJ Shaw may have been smaller than his jetpack, but that didn’t stop him from earning a place as one of Quirky’s most avid ambassadors.

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This is epic. Good Work ya'll!
Naomi Adams
Best idea ever...!
Wow! This is so wonderful. Thank you for being what and who you all are.
me. v
Marvelous. Extraordinary. Wow! Thank you for creating a Compassionate company.
Steven Shaw
My wife, son and I hit two Target stores in the New Haven, CT, area (Target Milford and Target Orange) with jet pack hot chocolate and Quirky product samples. The stores opened at 9pm on Thanksgiving and quite a few people were lined up when we arrived at the first store around 7:30pm. It was a great experience meeting and talking to so many people. We gave out about 200 cups of cocoa and had as many interesting conversations. The next day we still had some product and our seven-year-old son really wanted to wear the jet pack so we walked around the Westville section of New Haven spreading the word. People were pulling their cars over to see what was going on.
Paulette Jaques
Looks like it was a blast!!!!
A truly quirky work of PR & marketing. I like it.
This is amazing! I think that Quirky should patent and sell Beverage Jet Packs unless they already exist. Did Quirky engineer these dispensers or can you buy them. Stadiums and event organizers would love these things. They would be fun at kids parties too. Either way I bet Q generated lots of great exposure!
Sorry, re-read the post and see that they got them from a company that sells them already. LoL
I like cocoa and hot chocolate! ;D
on the back packs several years ago i was in contact with the british inventor, any nice to see Ben and Niki still holding hands.thats cute to the max.
Clinton Fleenor
Very cool. And the MOST AMAZING feeling of joy for all involved - drinkers and pourers alike (Luey and I did the same thing with some church friends several years ago).
warren straw
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