Band Together: Introducing… Hive

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Throw out those annoying rubber bands and hefty plastic boxes, Quirky’s Hive is a fun, modular way to keep your favorite art supplies contained, compact, and ready for sketching. It holds up to 19 of your favorite pens or pencils at one time, and provides a beautiful table-top organizer that also keeps your wares contained while on the go. Unroll and lay Hive flat while you work, and when finished, simply roll it up, secure the magnetic closure, and be on your way. Hive is great for the office, school, home, and anywhere in between.

Inventor Randy Stein wanted a better way to contain his pens and pencils than the age-old rubber bands we’re all accustomed to. He developed a honeycomb-shaped organizer that could accommodate various writing implement, and submitted his idea to Quirky. In virtually no time at all, Quirky staff snatched up this brilliantly simple solution, and after 317 influencers helped develop it, Hive was born. Check it out for yourself and let us know your ideal price on the Upcoming page today.

– Works independently or can be combined with other Hives
– Holds 18 pens/pencils while open and 19 while closed, with the extra one in the center
– Pencil tips are protected while stored – no more broken ends
– Magnetic Closure
– Multiple functions:

1. Table-top storage
2. Unfolds flat for display and easy access while sketching or drawing
3. Contains pens and pencils for travel

– Silicone
– Magnetic closure

- 80mm H x 70mm W x 50mm D

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.

Comments (9)

Elizabeth Wingfield
I SO want this for my makeup brushes. Quick, get it to the shop!
Stephen K
Elizabeth, that's a good idea!!! You should submit it as a v2 to this product.
Ernesto Tan
Awesome how came up with this , from all the Member's submissions combined and I noticed that! Pretty cool!
Michael Kloeckner
So many uses, love how they can be combined. Would love to see different sizes and open versions too.
Wonderful product, one of my favorites!
I love this, however, due to the simplicity of the manufacturing, I am hoping they do offer this is the White, Grey, Black color scheme as well. The multiple colors of the colored pencils would just "pop" in a Black or White hive.
Momatthecape Kim Rumberger
It's great how this evolved and came together. Awesome Quirky process and design.
Ana Concepcion
Can't wait for this to come need this for my markers. I hope they come out with adjustable holes (or bigger holes) for those markers/pens that are not the standard sizes.
william walker
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