Ben Kaufman Talks Invention on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Posted ago by Baron

Yesterday, Quirky founder Ben Kaufman took late night by storm as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (yeah ma, we made it to Leno!). After chatting about Quirky’s mission and process, Ben and Jay ran through a gallery of awesome inventions, from fan favorites Stem and Pivot Power to the upcoming safety product Signal. The segment has a few more surprises in store, and we don’t want to spoil the fun, so if you missed out on the late night spectacle, you can watch the full segment below!

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bill ward
Ben, you kicked ass! They might even invite you back you did so well Great job Quirky!
Naomi Adams
Well played Ben:)!
Brandon Murray
"Yeah ma, we made it on Leno!" I did tell my mom! It's like see I'm not wasting my time with this Quirky stuff :-)
Patricia Reid
Thanks so much for posting this, because I was not able to see the original airing. Very enjoyable!
Great job Ben, way to get the word out! Still can't believe you brought back Fruity Tush!
Great job Ben!
Peter A. Wachtel
I was at the show- Ben did a great job, the audience Loved the products!
Susan Saver
Fruity Tush was priceless.....incredible advertising....well compliments
Tony Harmon
next onward to HONEY BOO BOO good job
Derrick K
Good job Ben,the Quirky team and community. Ben you represented well!!
me. v
Fabulous job Ben! Q is on Fire!
Ruben Brito
Love comparing existing solutions to Quirky's. Very nice!
great job Ben looking good Q is the best
Bobby Antrim
Ben was great! Huge night for quirky!
Malcolm Lawson
Sharon Marie Arter
Excellent, Ben M from Shaz
Melissa Fitzpatrick
I can't watch the videos because I'm not in the US.... :(
beth mcgurr
The site has been WAAAAAAAY busy since this appearance. Great job. Lots of new ideas coming in.
Magnificent job Ben! Your energy was radiant!
Yolanda Jackson
Great job Ben, hope many new inventors get a chance to show off their inventions one day.. Super!!
Debra Courtenay
Wonderful! that sums it up...
Good job Ben
Jerry Rubenfeld
Loved it! Next time bring the toilet whale.
Nice plug, Jay sounded like he said Corky instead of Quirky though. New England accent lol
Trevor Johnson
Hope you guys are negotiating to make this a regular segment on Leno. I think the balance of real coming to shelves products and "the bad" ones makes it of great appeal for an ongoing feature!
Michael Kloeckner
Dang, had to flight out for a family emergency. Is the video working, or available anywhere?
Ben, super job on The Tonight Show!
Nice job Ben! Great representation of the essence of Q!
Ernesto Tan
Who submitted that Fruity Tush? LOL:D
Ernesto Tan
How about a Fart Silencer! LOL:D
I talk about Quirky all the time, hope family and friends caught the show.
Please, Ben, don't EVER go on Leno again! I knew exactly what was going to happen, and it did! Every nutjob with a half-baked idea he has been saving up is now a "contributing" member of Quirky! Have you seen the quality of ideas since last week? Into the dumper!! Almost without exception, not one of these people have taken the time to read any part of the website, check the shop, or look through any previous ideas submitted. One way I know that is that I make about 20 revision suggestions each day. This week, not only has it become very hard to find ideas worth fixing, but very few people seem to know that they need to accept them. My ratio of revisions sent to accepred has dropped this week. Yes, I keep track. And every crazy idea or perpetual motion machine submitted this week has been from someone who has joined this week! Please, Ben, we do not need more junk to wade through. Let Quirky grow slowly, and better, not fast and sloppy. My only hope is that all these people will leave quickly, when they realize their ideas are going nowhere.
kimberly Patota
You are sensational Ben. kimi :)
Lee Johns
Well done, well done.
Travis West
I feel that Jay really enjoyed meeting you and seeing what Quirky is all about! This was great advertisement! I think he will have you back real soon for more!
alex hagan
Great job Ben, it's good to get some more exposure for Quirky. Ken, Quirky is growing pretty quickly and always has - to get more potential inventors and consumers is ultimately a great thing for this community. I was in the first 3,000 people to join Quirky back in 2009, and now there are more than 100 times the number of members (according to your profile, you're a relatively new member too) - so I've seen this community grow rapidly over all of that time. Ultimately more members mean more ideas (both good and bad), and more exposure means more sales. Quirky has $91 mill in funding ( and can afford to develop a lot of products. It relies on a large user base to do so - after all, it's all about the community. What's wrong with growing that community?
Great job Ben!!!!
peter leupold
Great spot Ben. Keep it up...
That Broom Groomer is a fab idea.
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