Form, File, Finish: Introducing… Sandables

Posted ago by Baron

When you’re working with wood, precision is key, so having the right tool for the job is an occupational necessity. This is especially true when sanding, as awkward nooks and crannies can quickly turn task into torment. That is, until now. Sandables are moldable sanding tools that can be reshaped on the go, allowing them to be customized to suit any job. The sanders are pre-shaped for maximum utility, but 3 minutes in the microwave allows each to be molded to the desired shape, whether you’re attaching a stick for added reach, or fitting a tight corner. With three distinct grits, and endless reusability, Sandables may be the last sanding tools you ever buy. Period.

As a designer and handyman, inventor Felipe Gonzalez used a lot of sandpaper, and too often found himself making custom tools in order to properly sand a surface. He submitted his concept for a more precise sanding tool to Quirky, where it caught the eye of crafters and artists alike, and with the help of 5930 community influencers, Felipe’s idea was transformed into Sandables. You can head to the Upcoming section to view more shots of this moldable wonder in action, or to help us determine its price.

– Moldable sanders can be customized to suit any job
– PCL material can be easily reshaped after 3 minutes in the microwave
– Three distinct grits provide maximum versatility
– Non-toxic and biodegradable
– Package provides 3 sanders for each grit, for a total of 9

– Polycaprolactone (PCL)
– Diverse sanding grits

– 89mm W x 147mm L x 13mm H

Price, qty and features subject to change during production process.

Comments (19)

You guys are awesome! I said it with "Loft" lastime, but if people ask me why I've been smiling all day it's because of this. Great job!
Heather O'Donahoe
Great work!
The problem is that sanding requires space on both sides of the "sanding area", so with shaped sanding material you will have very limited options. But, if someone sees the value, that's great, we all can profit from that.
Paulette Jaques
Wahoo! Congrats YCCMP! Happy to have helped!
Chris Tolman
Is there any way to approximate the grit size on these? Comparable to what grit sand-paper or something of that sort?
Michael Kloeckner
Such a simple and functional product. This will be a surprise hit.
Baron Nagy
Felipe, once again, we're thrilled to have brightened your day! Also, to answer your question Chris, the projected grit sizes are 220 grit (very fine), 120 grit (fine), and 80 grit (medium), though the exact numbers are subject to change prior to manufacturing.
Debra Courtenay
Another great job! Congrats Phil... :-)
Ernesto Tan
Great Job, Quirks ! :)
Sharon Marie Arter
Excellent! Sharon Marie Nickname is Shaz
This is a great idea that was executed very well. The innovation lies within being able to mold this to any shape, much like the popular kneadable erasers. If I understand, you warm it, shape it, then it hardens. I agree with the above, this will be a surprise hit.
I hope it is! What a great name too.... :)
Melody Melody
Wahoo! Félicitations YCCMP! Heureux d'avoir aidé! replique montre
jackson man
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